Soul Farming Guidelines

Before you consider posting, please do the following:

  • Determine which Archstone you'll start from
  • Browse the current methods that start from the same Archstone
  • If you see an available method that is a slightly different from yours, then just leave a comment in the appropriate page (via the Discuss/Rate link at the bottom of each entry)
  • If you think your method is significantly different, then carry on.

Writing a new method
Use the button below to create a new page for your method. Enter a name for your method and click on the "Add a new method" button.

You will then be re-directed to a data form.

While entering your information, remember to take advantage of bulleted lists

* Ring of Avarice
* Soul Thirst

Which will display as

  • Ring of Avarice
  • Soul Thirst

and numbered lists.

# Start from the Phalanx Archstone
# Run forward and kill the Phalangeals

Which will display as

  1. Start from the Phalanx Archstone
  2. Run forward and kill the Phalangeals
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