Method soul-farming:12
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Starting Archstone 4-2 Adjudicator Archstone
Required Equipment/Spells/Miracles
  • A solid melee weapon (you must be able to kill the reaper in one combo)
  • Ward is useful.
  1. Run down the left hand (or right hand, it really doesn't matter) bridge in the reaper room.
  2. Run off the edge (the timing is tricky, it might take some practice to get it right) if you get it right you'll land on (fantastic) or in front of the reaper.
  3. The reaper will usually try and get you with his soul arrow, but if you land in front of him you'll be crouching and the arrow will miss.
  4. Kill the reaper with your weapon, I get 5500 souls with the ring of avarice equipped and it takes me less than a minute.
  5. After you kill the reaper run off the edge in front of the reaper (the way you go to get further in the level).
  6. Repeat.


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