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Starting Archstone 4-2 Adjudicator Archstone
Required Equipment/Spells/Miracles
  • Soul Thirst
  • Ring of Avarice
  • Thief's Ring
  • decent bow
  • fast sword
  • Wooden Catalyst
  1. Equip your catalyst in your offhand and your bow and sword in your main hand, as well as the Thief's Ring and the Ring of Avarice. Make sure you have your bow equipped and ready.
  2. As soon as you load, rush forward and roll off the edge of the platform.
  3. Lock on to the Storm Beast while doing so and take one step forward.
  4. Fire your bow once, hitting the Storm Beast. If it does not kill it in one shot, quickly move up to the edge and fire another shot, which should hit the Storm Beast as it aims to shoot at you.
  5. Turn around and run down towards the Reaper and kill it with your bow. Count the number of shots it takes to kill it; right as you release the last arrow, hit L1 to exit first-person aiming, tap triangle to unequip your bow, then hit L1 again to cast Soul Thirst. If you did it right you should get the buff up before the Reaper dies.
  6. Run straight forward and drop off the edge, then roll backwards upon landing to negate landing recovery.
  7. Immediately run out towards the cliff, equipping your bow as you go.
  8. Stand by the flagpole to your right, shoot the right-most Silver Skeleton once then shoot the middle skeleton.
  9. Exit first-person view, then position yourself between the flagpole and the edge of the cliff.
  10. Both skeletons should roll right off the cliff to their deaths.
  11. Switch to your sword and run down as soon as you see them fall and melee the archer Silver Skeleton; if you do it fast enough you will be able to kill all three before Soul Thirst wears off.
  12. Run back up to the Reaper room and grab the Reaper's item drop, then drop off the edge of the stairway and head up to the Black Skeleton.
  13. Run out at the Skeleton and immediately hug the wall to your left so you run up the path leading to the White Bow.
  14. The Black Skeleton will do a jumping slash at you while you do so, so make sure to move quickly.
  15. Once you're safely on the path, move up a bit, turn around, and shoot the Black Skeleton once so he keeps following you.
  16. About midway up the path there is a segment that makes a bit of a C-shape.
  17. Stand on the other side of the gap, separating you and the Black Skeleton.
  18. Shoot him again with the bow if he isn't following. Once he gets close, he will attempt to do a jumping slash but instead fall to his death.

Alternatively, from the hidden passage, lure the Black Skeleton back to the stairs using the bow. Walk backwards up the stairs. When you reach the pressure plate, step on the small stone to near the ledge. From here the Black Skeleton will attempt his jump slash when at the top, and fall. This allows you to safely lock on and confront him with a bow or magic and collect any possible Bladestone drops, even at low levels. Go back to where Graverobber Blige is standing, then turn around and run off the edge. This takes a little bit longer but ensures that your bloodstain is accessible right at the beginning when you re-spawn, so there's no risk of you dying twice in a row and losing all your accumulated souls.


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