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Posted by Soulcrusher65
Starting Archstone 4-3 Old Hero Archstone
Required Equipment/Spells/Miracles
  • PBWT for World 4
  • 10 Magic(must be able to learn magic)
  • 70 Intelligence
  • Silver Catalyst (MP boost)
  • Silver Coronet (MP boost)
  • Soulsucker(NG+)
  • Soul Thirst(Yellow Demon's Soul)
  • Evacuate(not necessary but a time saver)
  • Talisman of God(or Talisman of Beasts)
  • Sticky Compound Long Bow+5 or a bow that can handle a reaper(the faster the better)
  • Thief's Ring(if you don't have this you might as well jump your character off a cliff because you should have this by NG+)
  • Ring of Avarice(seriously you get a big bonus from this it really helps)
  • Soul Form(recommended for sneaking behind the Black Phantoms)
  • For Females Only: Silver bracelets(for extra souls)

This is similar to another soul farming method but it is so much improved that you will be able to make 300 000 souls in about 5 minutes depending on how fast you are. Obviously this is for higher leveled players only(or players that poured stat upgrades into will/intelligence and dexterity).

  1. Warp to the Old Hero Archstone then backtrack past the slug pits and ignore everything in this room do not stop running.
  2. Run through the tunnel/hallway and kill the reaper at the top of the stairs with your bow and move to the arched doorway at the end of the path.
  3. Switch to your catalyst and cast soul thirst after you locked on to the Black Phantom Black Skeleton then sneak up behind it and use soulsucker. Leave it's item for now you will pick it up later.
  4. Now fast walk for a bit of the ledge then slow down(before your in sight of the BP Gold Skeletons or they'll hear you) and use soulsucker on the first Black Phantom Gold Skeleton.
  5. then run back around the corner of the ledge(just barely out of sight of the second BP Gold Skeleton because he turns around after the first BP Gold Skeleton dies) then turn back and sneak up behind the second BP Gold Skeleton and use soulsucker on him.
  6. Now pick up all the items they dropped.
  7. You should have exactly 50 MP left after all of that so switch to your talisman of God and use evacuate.
  8. Now rinse and repeat for major souls.

Silver Catalyst and Silver coronet together grant you approximately a 44% MP increase which combined with 70 intelligence (which grants you 385 base mana) should provide around 550 MP which is exactly what you need to cast Soul Thirst (200 MP), 3 times Soulsucker (300 MP) and Evacuate (50 MP) without any need of spice.
I'm not sure if soul thirst will stay active for the entire ordeal but it still gives a big bonus to the BP Black Phantom(around 30 000 soul bonus on the fourth playthrough). If you do this properly there will be very minimal danger to the player. If you don't have evacuate then you will have to run back to the Old Hero Archstone and teleport from there… or you could just BUY EVACUATE. You want to be fast when doing this method but not too fast because you will probably alert the Black Phantoms if you go too fast. With practice you will have this method mastered in no time and you will be millionare(in the game). Also this method is a great way to get chunks of bladestone and one of the only ways to get pure bladestone(from BP Black Skeleton). I revised this strategy after someone left me a comment about the graverobber ring and the silver coronet so much thanks to that person(I don't know your name so I can't thank you by name).


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