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Starting Archstone 4-3 Old Hero Archstone
Required Equipment/Spells/Miracles
  • Pure Black World Tendency for Shrine of Storms.
  • A technique for eliminating the Reaper mentioned above.
  • Thief's Ring or the Hide spell.
  • Spice (if Will is <30 w/silver catalyst). Fresh Spice is available quite cheaply from the blacksmith in the Nexus.
  • Magic: Firestorm, Evacuate (optional).
  • A decent shield (emergency use only, so optional).
  • Follow the above method until you reach the Black Phantom Dual Katana-Wielding Black Skeleton.
  • Cautiously approach the enemy until you are exactly in line with the doorway around the opening.
  • Cast Firestorm. The Skeleton is placed in a crossfire of several pillars, killing it almost regardless of magic level.
  • Cautiously approach the two Black Phantom Gold Skeletons. Stop when you are standing just behind the first skeleton. You should be roughly in backstab range, maybe a bit further away.
  • Equip your talisman with two hands. Target the second skeleton (the one farther away).
  • Cast firestorm. The first skeleton should be caught in a crossfire and die. The second will survive.
  • Run away until the second skeleton returns to his position.
  • Backstab the surviving skeleton; weapon makes absolutely no difference. After pushing him off your blade, he will fall off the cliff.
  • Cast evacuate. If you don't have evacuate, somehow get back to the nexus and repeat the process.

It's good to have a weaker, fairly cheap spell offhand in case you don't quite get one or both of the Gold Skeletons (while not common, this does happen). This method may take a bit of practice, but you should have it down within one or two tries. Without ring of avarice or silver bracelet, you collect ~30k souls per run.


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