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Starting Archstone 4-4 Storm King Archstone
Required Equipment/Spells/Miracles
  • Stormruler
  • Ring of Avarice
  • Soul Form (Stormruler with both hands adds 25% boost in souls must be in soul form for the effect)
  • (Optional Spell: Thirst)
  1. If you're not in NG+ you can use the Storm Ruler combined with Soul Thirst to yield approximately 32k souls per 00:01:30.
  2. Simply load to the Storm King archstone, cast Soul Thirst immediately, then switch to 2h on your sword.
  3. Step out to the left and move in a small counter-clockwise circle until about a second after the first sound of their launch.
  4. Hit R3, press R1 and score between 1-8 kills.
  5. After you launch your attack, immediately begin your rotation again.
  6. It should take you less than 30s to kill every last Storm Beast, yielding between 30k and 35k (depending on which ones counted as ambush kills).
  7. Afterward, use the archestone to return to the Nexus and then return back. This is actually faster than suiciding, as it lets you start at the Storm king archstone again.

Video tutorial: 4-4 Farming souls - Baby mantas + Stormruler


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