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Starting Archstone 3-1 Tower of Latria
Required Equipment/Spells/Miracles

For Rydyell

  • SoulSucker
  • His cell MUST be locked still
  • Lots of spice as you will need it

For Yurt

  • Firestorm
  • SoulSucker
  • His cage MUST be closed
  • Lots of spice

In 3-1 go to Rydyell's cell and cast Soulsucker on him (make sure cell is still locked) he wont die and you will get about 3500 souls per Soulsuck.

(Note: He may attack you through the cell, if this happens run to the right from facing him and he will turn, then run back and continue casting. Also note: If you go to the nexus and return to his cell and cast it again he will die, and you can grab the Dull Rat's Ring through the bars without having the key!)

This can also be applied to Yurt in 3-2 but it is more difficult to do as you need Fire Storm. Cast Fire Storm by his cage and he will land on his back and get up and walk to the edge of the cage facing you. now line it up right and cast SoulSucker, you will get about 4000 per SoulSuck. He too will die in the same manner that Rydyell did if you go to the Nexus, return and cast it again. You wont need FireStorm the second time as he is already trying to walk up to you while in his cage.

(Note: He will begin attacking you if you cast Firestorm on him twice, if he starts to attack you you cannot continue farming from him so you must either kill him using the method told above or leave him in his cell. Also note:if you kill him you must go to the Nexus and return in order to get him armor, now outside the cage.)


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