Method soul-farming:2
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Starting Archstone 1-3 Tower Knight Archstone
Required Equipment/Spells/Miracles
  • Thief's Ring
  • Ring of Avarice
  • Silver Bracelets (Female only)
  • Soul Light
  • Piercing weapon
  1. Turn around and sprint toward the two Blue Eye Knights you fought at the end of 1-2. Lightly equipped, you can sprint all the way to the archway through which the first knight stands.
  2. Once you pass through, slow to a jog and then to a walk. Be sure you're walking before you pass the wood wagons on either side of you.
  3. Walk up and perform a critical backstab on the first blue-eye knight.
  4. Jog until you're about halfway between the first and second blue-eye knight.
  5. Walk until you're a few steps behind and to the right of the second blue-eye knight.
  6. Equip your catalyst.
  7. Target the right-most crossbowmen closest to you.
  8. Cast Soul Light on him. If you line it up right, it will kill him and the one in front of him.
  9. Then switch lock-on from the blue-eye knight to the third crossbowmen and take him out.
  10. As long as you're still behind and to the right of the knight, you won't alert him. Also, make sure you're not too close to the right wall, or your Soul Light will hit the wall in front of you and it will alert the blue-eye knight and all three crossbowmen.
  11. After the crossbowmen are dead, move in behind the blue-eye knight.
  12. Get close enough and perform a deadly "stick it in and break it off" backstab.
  13. Collect the grass from him and the first blue-eye knight on your way back to the Archstone.
  14. Warp back to the Nexus and repeat.


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