Method soul-farming:20
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Posted by NFSRyu
Starting Archstone 4-3 Old Hero Archstone
Required Equipment/Spells/Miracles
  • Any bow of your choice w/ arrows.
  • Ring of Avarice.
  • PBWT

I don't know the exact reason why but using a bow instead of Storm Ruler gives you a ~16% increase in souls.

  1. From the Old Hero Archstone head outside to the skyline of Baby Stingrays.
  2. Equip your bow, do not use precision mode.
  3. Hug the left side of the cliff until you reach a rock that stops you from going any further.
  4. Wait for the Stingrays to charge towards you, then immediately lock on using R3.
  5. Shoot, if you timed it right your arrow hit the mark.
  6. By then many more of the stingrays will be charging you, by pressing R1 right after you shoot an arrow you are able to shoot far more faster.
  7. Loot any treasures that made it on land.
  8. Go back near the entrance of the 4-3 archstone there should be cliff where you can jump off, by committing suicide at that particular spot when you revive your bloodstain will be much closer to you.
  9. Repeat steps 1-8.
  10. Good Luck!


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