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Posted by IIXRedDragonXII
Starting Archstone 4-2 Adjudicator Archstone
Required Equipment/Spells/Miracles

Equipment: Any weapon that suits your play style for killing w/ out magic (the reason for this will be explained in the actual guide). For rings, you'll want at least a Ring of Avarice on and anything can go into your second slot that you're comfortable w/. And for female characters, Silver Bracelets will of course be a nice touch. Note: my character is male so all numbers below are calculated w/ out the bracelets.

Spells that make this work: Soulsucker and Soul Thirst

Miracles: None needed, so equip anything you'd like.


First, let me just say that if you follow this guide, you'll be making 32k souls every ~40secs. I hope that got your attention :P so let’s begin the guide shall we?

1. You'll want your world at Pure Black for the true 32k souls; however, even in PW you'll net 16k.

2. Preferably you'll want over 300 MP; if you equip a Silver Catalyst and Silver Crown you can have 309 MP at only 32 INT. If you don't just bring lots of spice or a way to auto-regain MP; however, if you have to wait for MP to tick up every time, the time it takes to do this is of course no longer going to be under 40 secs.

3. Now the fun begins; right from the Archstone, run down to the 1st Reaper and get near the steps and cast Soul Thirst.

4. Move forward a tiny bit in order to aggro the two Lurkers and while you're doing so, make sure you have the Reaper locked-on. Once they've started to close on you, start running and maneuver around them on the right side.

5. The Reaper has more-than-likely tried to shoot you by now, but he'll have missed if you're doing this right. As soon as you're right in front of 'em, start Soulsucker immediately and watch as he dies and you "Reap" in 32,820 souls. This might take a bit of practice to get the Soulsucker timing down pat, but once you do, it'll be extremely fast and profitable.

6. Run off the cliff right behind you and repeat over and over until you're happy w/ your Soul amount.

Now, just to do a bit of cleanup, if while you're running up the stairs and the Reaper didn't choose to shoot at you and has instead waited to melee you, just dodge/block and cut your losses by either meleeing him or killing him however you're comfortable. Note that if you have to do it this way, you'll still earn 24,795 souls (also, if you don't have the ability to equip 6 spells, you can still do this method, it'll just obviously be for a lesser amount of souls per run). Also, one of the best things w/ this strat is that is that your Blood Stain should always be near the bottom of the steps so you can always have your full soul count even if the Reaper gets the best of you. So, in closing, if everything is going right, you can get 32k souls every 40 secs, but let’s bump that up to 1min to account for slight mistakes/variations; that's at LEAST 320k souls every 10mins. Happy hunting!


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