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Posted by Carnivorous Yam
Starting Archstone 4-2 Adjudicator Archstone
Required Equipment/Spells/Miracles

- Ring of Avarice
- Pure Black World Tendency
- Lava Bow w/ Heavy Arrows


1. Starting at the archstone head straight out to the balcony in front of Graverobber Blige, there is a flying Manta who patrols right in front of the ledge. You can hit him when he stops at the left or right corners to attack you. It should take about 3 arrows to take him down. (3600 souls)

2. Run down past Graverobber to the room with the reaper and his minions. You can stand right outside of the door and manual aim at him from the top. It should take about 5 arrows to kill him, which in turn will kill all of his goons in the room. This will total over 16,000 souls.

3. Run back up to the archstone, killing the manta if you didn't to begin with.

4. Back to the Nexus and repeat!

This should total about 20k souls in a minute. Note that it's important to have the ring of avarice and pure black tendency to get this number of souls, it's a harmless situation and you can also go kill the primeval demon or BP Satsuki when you decide to bring WT back up. (Remember you'll have to kill them both before returning to the nexus or one will disappear causing you to have to drop WT again.)


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