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Starting Archstone 4-3 Old Hero Archstone
Required Equipment/Spells/Miracles

Storm Ruler (Required for low lvl guide)
Soul Sucker (Required for high lvl guide)
Graverobber's Ring (Required for all)
Evacuate is preferred for escaping but you could always run back to the archstone.
Any soul adding gear you would like would be fine, spells that increase it work too.


Low Style
1. Run backwards through the white ball tunnel.
2. Go to the reaper and kill him, it should be easy since he will be just up a set of stairs. He won't attack most of the time.
3. Keep running back till you get to the tunnel you first came in when going for the boss.
4. A black phantom should be there, take out Storm Ruler and walk up behind to get a backstab on him. He will still be alive so smack him while he is down to send him off the ledge.
5. There should be 2 more up ahead, golden knight versions. Sneak up and backstab the closest one to grab their attention.
6. Retreat and wait till they stop chasing you, if you can knock them off the cliff. If you can't hit them for the chase to continue till you can knock them off.
7. After they have died go to the old hero archstone or evac. Whichever you can do easiest.

High lvl
1. Follow steps 1-3 for low guide.
2. Sneak up and soulsucker instead of Storm Ruler slashing him.
3. Go and soul sucker one of the gold knight phantoms then retreat.
4. When the other turns around kill him with soulsucker.
5. Get out of there.

Rinse and repeat as much as you like. Doesn't take much practice and is fairly easy. You should easily make a bunch of souls in only a run or two. 40,000 or so for low lvls (Dependant on gear and spells) and maybe 100,000 for high lvls. I'm not sure for the high lvls and I apologize for that.


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