Method soul-farming:26
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Posted by deric1993(psn id)
Starting Archstone 4-2 Adjudicator Archstone
Required Equipment/Spells/Miracles


*ring of avarice
*fresh/old spice
*silver bracelet(if female)

*Poison Cloud
*Soul Thirst(if available)


*Note* Pure Black tendency and for any soul lvl~sl 70+

You get 8,700 souls per minute here and is near the archstone so it saves some time(i think)

1. Run all the way down to where the 1st reaper appears(entrance only)
2. Position your self near the entrance/shadow lurker
3. Cast poison cloud
4. Wait for at least a minute then cast evacuate/jump off the cliff
5. Wash rinse then repeat

*in new game+(or higher) you will cast it several times to take down the reaper*


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