Method soul-farming:29
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Starting Archstone 4-2 Adjudicator Archstone
Required Equipment/Spells/Miracles

*Soul boosting items (Ring of Avarice, etc)
*Good melee attack (enough to kill a reaper in 3-6 hits)
*Evacuate (speeds things up)


*From the archstone, run directly to the Reaper room.

*Run up the left walkway, almost til the end.

*Drop down in front of the Reaper, targeting him as you fall.

*He'll miss with soul ray.

*Slice him up with your weapon of choice (+5500 souls).

*Drop down on the right side, and go up the first two flights of stairs.

*Open the secret door on the right.

*Kill the Black Skeleton at the end of the passage; watch out for Manta attacks, they're pretty good with those ice shards (+4700 souls).
**He's almost always opens with the double katana slash, which can be easily dodged and leaves the BS open to a backstab.

*Evacuate. Repeat as necessary.

This is nice because it can be done at a relatively low level, when melee tends to be weak.


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