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Posted by Kevin
Starting Archstone 4-3 Old Hero Archstone
Required Equipment/Spells/Miracles


*Soul Sucker Spell (with silver catalyst)
*Soul Form
*Decent Bow w/ arrows
*PBWT for world 4

*Fresh/Old Spice
*Soul Thirst Spell
*Ring of Avarice
*Graverobber's Ring
*Silver Coronet
*Evacuate Miracle with Talisman of God/Talisman of Beasts
*99 Intelligence (If you have 99, bring a Crescent weapon, the Crescent Falchion +1 from 4-1 is fine)
*Silver Bracelets for females
*A second silver catalyst


First I assume you have already gotten PBWT for world 4 and are in soul form. If you are not, the quickest way to do this is to warp to 4-3 archstone and run out the the storm beasts at the world boss area, let them kill you. Use a stone of epheyes and repeat.

There are several ways to do this, the version you should take depends on your intelligence level. You must have at least 100 mp to even attempt this method.

Method 1 - Below 40 Intelligence

  1. In the Nexus, get equipped. Have the soul sucker and evacuate spell remembered and nothing else. In Left Hand slots, have a bow and a talisman. In your right hand, have two silver catalysts (In case you hit the right dpad button, you won't lose mp). Also be wearing the graverobber's ring, ring of avarice, silver bracelets, and silver coronet. Use heavy arrows from Patches (if you are frugal they definitely pay for themselves).
  1. Warp to Old Hero Archstone.
  1. Turn around and run back. Run through the slug area. Be careful until you know the route well enough to sprint through it. If you fall in, you may need to shoot your way out of there. Keep running back through the level until you hit some stairs. Look up and snipe the reaper at the top of the stairs. This usually takes about 4 hits.
  1. Keep running and enter the small hallway and stop. You may want to jog the first time just so you know what you are looking for. You will see the back of the Black Phantom Dual Katana Wielding Skeleton. Good thing you're behind him, huh? Since you are below 40 Intelligence, you should only have soul sucker.

There are two ways of getting him. If you lock on to him, move your character flush with the doorway right behind him. Take two walking steps forward and cast. If you go any farther you will alert him and you will be done for. The second way is to not lock on to him and manipulate the camera so you can both your character and the skeleton in profile. You want to be about 1 to 1.5 steps behind him. Any farther and you won't hit him, and closer and you die. Sometimes you will get lucky if you get too close and his katana attack will miss you and the spell will still kill him.

  1. Once you kill the first skeleton, jog along the path aiming for the fence on the right side. When you see the BP Gold Skeleton come into view, slow to a walk. Sneak up behind the near skeleton and cast soul sucker (you may have to replenish mp to do so). Once you cast, the other skeleton will turn around. Head backwards until the flag post. Refill any mana (you will need 150 mp from this point). Wait for the skeleton to turn around.
  1. Repeat what you did to the other two skeletons, sneak up and take him out with soul sucker. Switch to your talisman and evacuate out, or run back to the archstone.
  1. Rinse and Repeat - This method will get you a little above 150,000 souls on NG+ if you have all the soul boosting gear.

Method 2 - Above 40 Intelligence

This method is exactly the same, but just involves doing some math.

Let's take a look:

Evacuate: 50 mp
Soul Sucker: 100 mp
Soul Thirst: 200 mp.

Fresh Spice: +50mp
Old Spice: +100mp

I have found that the best way involves using 750 mp. This comes by casting soul sucker three times (300), soul thirst twice (400), and evacuate once. This is where I do math.

For example, if your mp is about 300, I would cast soul thirst right behind the first skeleton, then soul suck him. Now you have 0 mp. Quickly take 2 fresh spices and proceed to take out the second skeleton. The soul thirst should last. Back to 0 mp Run back and then take 3 more fresh spices. This should give you 150 mp and enough to perform 1 soul sucker and evacuation.

As you level up (if you do this in NG+ it should go by very quickly since your soul level should be low), you can change your strategy to reduce spice use and get more souls. At 550 mp You can cast soul thirst and then two quick soul suckers on the first two skeletons. This will give you 150 mp left. You can cast soul sucker and evacuate, or you can take 4 spices and cast soul thirst a second time. Doing this nets you about 9,000 more souls in NG+ using a female with all soul boosting gear. The spices definitely pay for themselves.

At 99 intelligence, using the above strategy, you only need to use 3 spices and you can cast soul thirst twice, soul sucker three times, and evacuate. Or you can use a crescent weapon. (Also works whenever your mp level is ~ <10 points away from the nearest 50 mp - i.e. 593 which is <10 from 600)

By that I mean this. In the Nexus, change your equipment a little bit. In the left hand have the bow, and now a crescent weapon. In the right hand, have a talisman and a catalyst. Now be careful not to accidentally switch from the catalyst, or you will lose some mana if you're at full strength. After you kill the reaper, switch from bow to crescent weapon. Continue on as normal. You should be able to use one less spice than you normally would. It might sound complicated at first, but once you do it once or twice, it'll make since and be a nice little help. So at 99 Intelligence, you only need two spices (unless you mess up of course by being too far away and your soul sucker not working.


This is the best way in the game to make souls. The higher number playthrough, the better. I saw probably a 15,000 soul increase from NG+ to NG++. This is also extremely fast. My best lap time so far is 2 m 18 s. On average this is about 528,000 (in NG+) souls every seven minutes if using a female with all boosting gear. However, it can also get you killed quickly if you fall into the slug pit at the wrong point or a skeleton turns around. If this happens, just be warp back from the adjudicator's archstone and repeat the process again, just a lot more carefully. Also, don't try to run through it a hundred times before cashing in your souls (if you do, you might make the same mistake I did and die after an hour of continual farming, losing 4.5 million souls). If your intelligence isn't at 99, buy as many intelligence levels as possible after every run through. Once it's at 99, good luck choosing. If you want to make this farming method easier, go with strength/dexterity to up the power of your bow, or endurance to increase the amount of time you can spend sprinting which you do a lot of here.

PS - You can pick up the items the BP's drop, but I find it just takes too much time for my liking. I really hope this helps y'all out!


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