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Posted by Viperveteran
Starting Archstone 1-3 Tower Knight Archstone
Required Equipment/Spells/Miracles

Soul Sucker Spell (required)
Catalyst (must be equipped in the right hand) (required)
At least 100 MP can also be achieved with boosting equipment
MP restoring equipment or consumables (optional)
Thief's ring (required)
Ring of avarice (required)


This super easy method is able to achieve around 9000+ souls per go in new game+

1. turn around and head towards the two blue eyed nights who will have their backs turned to you

2. as you need to perform a stealth attack for this to work ensure you slow down before the knight spots you

3. get close enough to the knight and use soul sucker with catalyst (right hand) this will instantly kill the target

3a. as the catalyst is in the right hand your character will take a step forward when executing the spell meaning you don't have to be right behind the targets

4. if need be utilise your MP restoring equipment/ consumables

5. Approach the second Blue eyed knight execute points 2 and 3

6. at this point you can either

6a. use the evacuate miracle
6b. kill the archers (low souls so not much point)
6c. turn around and head back to the archstone

it may take a couple of tries for you to judge the correct distance behind the knights needed.
once you have perfected the method it can be executed in under 1.30


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