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Posted by Joni_79
Starting Archstone 4-2 Adjudicator Archstone
Required Equipment/Spells/Miracles

The main point of this method is to combine Thief's Ring with Cloak spell so you can get really close to enemies without them attacking you. Then you can shoot first and often kill them with one or two spells.

This is a farming method for relatively low level magic users. Most methods that start from 4-2 seem to be made for bow users but this is for those who mainly use magic to kill enemies. You can probably derive some ideas from this and apply them to other classes but the way I do this is with spells.


Recommended / if needed:

  • Wooden Catalyst as it does more damage than Silver Catalyst.
  • Evacuate miracle to save time. For Evacuate you need Talisman of God also.
  • Fresh Spice for more MP. At low level you probably need to drink 2-3 of these per run. Can be bought from Graverobber Blige for 300 souls. Later as your mana increases you only need 1 per run and depending how you level up your character at soul level 65 - 70 you don't need any.
  • Ring Of Magical Sharpness to make more damage. It modifies magic damage and defense: -30% Magic Defense, +20% Magic Attack.
  • Kris Blade to make more damage. It modifies magic damage and defense: -14.8% Magic Defense, +4.8% Magic Attack.
  • Silver Bracelet for extra souls. Female only.

I'm assuming you don't have Ring of Avarice yet. At the time you get it you probably have so much magic power that you can take off the ring of magical sharpness.


Like I said maximizing spell damage by using Wooden Catalyst, Ring Of Magical Sharpness and holding Kris Blade in your left hand.

Remember only the spells cloak, fireball and soul arrow and the miracle Evacuate.

Equip to left hand: Talisman of God and Kris Blade. Right hand Wooden catalyst or two if you can. This way if you accidentally hit right from the controller while changing spells it has no effect. You can also equip Silver Catalyst if you think the extra MP is more useful than the extra damage. I think it is not.

  1. In the Nexus select Kris Blade and Soul Arrow spell and warp to the Adjudicator Archstone (4-2).
  2. Sprint straight ahead down the stairs and drop down to the platform. Go directly to the left corner very near the edge (on top of that small rock) and lock onto the Storm Beast and shoot it with a soul arrow as fast as you can. This seems to work best. You get 1300 souls and 1374 if you have Silver Bracelet.
  3. Quickly turn around and sprint down the passage where Graverobber Blige is if you rescued him before. You can buy more Fresh Spice from him at 300 souls per item.
  4. Stop where Blige is and cast cloak and change to Fireball spell. You can change the spells while running but you need to stop to cast Cloak.
  5. Run quickly to the left bridge and continue running towards the end. If you were fast the Shadowlurker is not on your way yet.
  6. Drop to your left when you get near the end. You should drop near the corner of the room.
  7. Here's the good part. If you have both Ring of Thiefs and the spell Cloak active the Reaper wont attack you. Lock on to it and Kill it with a Fireball or two. This also kills all the shadowlurkers in this area and you get about 5048 souls if you have Silver Bracelet. 6060 if you have also the Ring of Avarice.
  8. Run down the steps over the dead Storm Beasts to the beginning of the path down to the right. Cast Cloak again right after the little step here. Most often I die because I forget to cast Cloak here.
  9. Walk (or run when you start to get familiar with the route) just above the stairs that lead to a platform that has three Silver Skeletons on it. You have two options. You can kill these with soul arrow IF you can drop one skeleton with two shots or you can use Fireball to save time. Later when you have more MP you should use Fireball to drop them with one shot. Shoot the one below the steps first, then the one on the left and then step a little closer so you can lock onto the third and kill it. You get between 3135 and 3325 souls. Loot the bodies if you like and run down the path.
  10. If you killed the Silver Skeletons quickly with one shot you have enough time to go kill the two Gold Skeletons right away. If you took longer you might need to wait and re-cast Cloak. You don't want the Cloak to wear of while shooting the first Gold Skeleton as then the other one attacks you. They move rather slowly so it's not a big problem really. Just back away from them and keep shooting from a safe distance. I use a combo of First shooting with a fireball and then finishing them with a shot of Soul Arrow to save MP. At lover levels you need to drink up Fresh Spice before so you can continually shoot them until they die.
  11. After killing the Gold Skeletons walk at the edge where there is a fence and a flag pole. Walk to touch the fence to the right from the pole where there is a mild curve in the fence and look at the Storm Beasts. You can kill two of them easily, but you need to study the timing for it. If you moved very quickly on all of the previous steps it goes like this.
  12. Use Soul Arrow. First you see one on the right which turns around and starts coming back closer to you. Little after it has turned and starts coming closer you can lock onto it. Do not shoot right after you get it locked but about 1 - 1.5 seconds later. If you miss the first shot you can try again when it gets in front you you.
  13. Other one is quite obvious really, it's the one which turns around right in front of you. You can shoot it right when you see it starts to turn back left.
  14. Loot the Gold Skeletons if they dropped anything and cast Evacuate.

The whole run should take about 2 minutes if you get everything right. Using Silver Bracelet it makes you 4116 from the 3 Storm Beasts, 5048 from the Reaper and shadowlurkers, 3325 from silver skeletons if you kill them with one shot and 4276 from the gold skeletons.

Total 16765 souls.

If you use Ring of Avarice you get about a total of 19071 souls. It seems Ring of Avarice does not increase the souls you get from Storm Beasts.

Loading times are about 7 seconds to Nexus and after the first time about 10 seconds from Nexus so even without the Ring of Avarice you get about 440000 souls per hour. With Ring of Avarice it's about 500000 souls per hour.

Perhaps I'll add a link to a video shoving how it's done later.


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