Method soul-farming:37
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Starting Archstone 1-1 Boletarian Palace
Required Equipment/Spells/Miracles

*talisman of god


#Go to nexus

#equip your talisman of god and evacuate

#get the item that you want you to dupe
*you must have it in your inventory
*it must be only one
*it won't work if you have the another item in your storage

#go to blacksmith boldwin

#buy the crescent moon grass but don't buy it just show the screen that the quantity will show

#do not press ok or cancel or change the quantity

  1. walk towards to stockpile thomas while walking towards thomas press "R" rapidly until the evacuate spell work

#do not press ok or cancel press start to stockpile thomas

#and deposit the item that you want to do

#after the summon check your items in your storage it must be "1023" or "1032"

#and then its done. Sorry for my bad english


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