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Starting Archstone 1-1 Boletarian Palace
Required Equipment/Spells/Miracles

*Red Eye Stone


#Be a body, equip Soulsucker, then go to any level you haven't completed
#Have a friend put down their Red Eye Stone and summon them
#When they appear start Soulsucking them (Make sure the black phantom doesn't do anything that will make them save, just have the black phantom stand there. That works best.)
#Have the Black phantom hard quit
Sometimes it may appear that the person who just got Soul sucked is losing a level one by one when they load their character, just level up once and you'll be fine
Now you have all their souls and they keep their level
You can Soulsuck them as many times as you want before they hard quit
Just in case make sure you do it once to see if it works


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