Method soul-farming:4
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Starting Archstone 1-4 Penetrator Archstone
Required Equipment/Spells/Miracles
  • A good bow
  • Thief's Ring (not a must have, but makes it easier)
  • Decent stamina
  1. Turn around and head down the stairs.
  2. On the lower part of the stairs you will see 3 Red Eyed Knights.
  3. Go so far that you are about 3 sets of stair from them.
  4. Shoot one of them in the back (you should do at least 110 damage for this to work), and start running up the stairs again.
  5. The one you shot will chase you. Run to the hall with the Archstone and hide behind the 4th statue to the left.
  6. When the knight enters the door he should not be able to spot you.
  7. If he doesn't, he will give up and turn around to walk back down the stairs.
  8. Now, before he disappears, shoot him in the back again.
  9. If you did enough damage on the first two hits, he will use some grass. Shoot him again before he can do that.
  10. If your bow is powerful enough, he should be dead and give you about 2,000 souls.
  11. Now do the same thing to the other two knights.
  12. If you have the Thief's Ring it makes the whole thing a lot easier since you don't have to run very far away from the knights before they give up chasing you.


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