Method soul-farming:6
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Posted by Arimil (PSN: NotExistant)
Starting Archstone 1-3 Tower Knight Archstone
Required Equipment/Spells/Miracles
  • Soulsucker (required)
  • Fresh Spice x 99 (recommended)
  • Old Spice x 99 (recommended)
  • Soul Thirst (optional)
  • Ring of Avarice (optional)
  • Silver Bracelet (optional)
  • Crescent weapon (optional - for mp regen)
  1. This can only be done once per game and you can not have beaten 1-3 or seen the last cut scene before the boss fog.
  2. It is possible that you must have a blue phantom with you for this to work.
  3. First you need to go through the level and get to where the 3 red eye knights are.
  4. You should see a video when you approach them if you do not then this will not work.
  5. After the video you must die. Yes, you must die. Its the price to pay for being able to do this. If you have friends with you it must be the leader who dies, thus resetting the level.
  6. There have been reports that leaving to the Nexus at this point, coming back and summoning a blue phantom again will still allow the glitch to work.
  7. You must go through the level again (leaving for any reason may cause the glitch to not work).
  8. When you get to the end, right before the boss fog, there will be a fat minister. He will not attack and cannot die, but you can use Soulsucker on him and repeatedly get souls from him.
  9. The enemy will never show up after you beat the Penetrator, also it was originally believed that he would not come back if you go to the Nexus.

Please do not remove the credits this is the 3rd time I am putting them back up here. Give credit where credit is due ya know?

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