Method soul-farming:8
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Starting Archstone 3-4 Old Monk Archstone
Required Equipment/Spells/Miracles
  • Soulsucker
  • Evacuate (Optional)
  1. After spawning at the Old Monk archstone, turn around and walk up behind the BP Mind Flayer.
  2. Cast Soulsucker. Upon death, it will drop 2 Fresh Spices or an Old Spice for your next cast.
  3. Now head down the stairs and kill the two small Facebugs.
  4. Sneak up behind the second BP Mind Flayer and cast Soulsucker.
  5. Now return to the Nexus by using the archstone or casting Evacuate and repeat.
  6. Each run yields about 27,000 souls and only takes 30-40 seconds (NG+)


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