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Starting Archstone 4-1 Shrine of Storms
Required Equipment/Spells/Miracles
  • A blunt weapon (club or mace). A mace and a morningstar can be found in 5-1
  • 100% damage blocking shield
  • Soul Arrow or bow/arrows
  1. The skeletons take a lot of blunt damage.
  2. Draw them one at a time with a bow or spell and kill them with a blunt weapon.
  3. Later if you have a good magic ability you can add the dual Katana skeleton when you can kill it with 3 spells. You will have time to cast 3 times when you get to lock-on range.
  4. How far you go in per run varies with your level.
  5. When done just run back to the archstone and go back to the Nexus.


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