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In-Game Description

Spell from the Demon Maiden in Black's Soul
Sucks the soul out of whoever it touches.
The Maiden in Black, who aids the demon slayers with her command of Soul power, was once one of the oldest, most dangerous demons herself.

General Information

Spell Type MP Cost Duration Slot Cost NPC Trainer Training Cost
Melee Range Kill Spell 100 n/a 3 Magic Slots Yuria, the Witch Maiden In Black Demon's Soul


  • Instantly kills any non-boss single target
  • Caster receives twice as many souls
  • Extremely short range (one step away from the caster)
  • It is slow to cast, and requires "touch" range to the enemy to work, so it should only be used in certain situations. Best to practice range on weaker enemies first.
    • Be very stealthy and sneak up on an enemy from behind
    • After knocking an enemy down, run up to them and cast as they are standing up
    • If using the catalyst or Talisman of Beasts in the left hand you must be extremely close to the foe. However, in the right hand your character will take a half step forward when casting. This makes right hand use easier.

PvP Notes

  • Will not kill enemy players, but reduces their Soul Level by one and awards the souls for that level to the caster
    • Has no effect on Blue Phantoms when cast by the host
    • Beware when you are a Blue Phantom that some players in human form will allow friendly Black Phantoms in their world only to summon you, and trick you into getting soul sucked. This can be rather devastating at higher levels
    • If you are summoned after the Black Phantom invades, you will not be informed that a Black Phantom has invaded once you are summoned.
  • Can be used to repeatedly delevel a character. See the delevelling page for details

Exploit to reach max Soul Level

If you have a friend and each of you have a Red Eye Stone and this spell, then you can use the following method to max out your characters soul levels. This applies to all versions and even patched ones.

  1. Both players should buy 99 Old Spice and 99 Fresh Spice. Both players should be in Body Form.
  2. One of the players lays a red soul sign in a stage where the other player can summon them.
  3. The other player summons them.
  4. The player that summoned the Red Phantom starts using Soulsucker on the Red Phantom as many times as possible.
  5. After step 4 is over, the Red Phantom quits by holding down the button on the controller with the Playstation logo on it and selecting "Quit Game". In this way the Red phantom player will lose only one Soul Level.
  6. Repeat, but this time with the roles reversed.
  7. Repeat this method until you either reach max Soul Level or any other desirable level.
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