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General Information

  • Increases Physical Damage
  • Decreases Falling Damage
  • Is a Weapon Requirement


The displayed 'Attack Power' value when leveling up at the Maiden in Black is merely the exact value of your right hand weapon (first slot). Any scaling increase in Soul Level that effect that weapon will be represented by this value.

Exact Values

Dexterity Attack Power Safe Landing Equipment Requiring this Dexterity
10 Kilij
12 Buckler, Halberd, Compound Long Bow
13 Uchigatana, Magic Sword "Makoto"
14 Spiked Shield, Morion Blade, Epee Rapier
15 Scraping Spear
16 1 Parrying Dagger, Penetrating Sword, Shotel, Large Sword of Searching, Spiral Rapier, Phosphorescent Pole, Lava Bow
17 3
18 5 Blueblood Sword, Istarelle
19 Hiltless
20 38 8 Needle of Eternal Agony
24 Blind, White Bow
30 30
40 44
42 81
43 81
44 81
45 81
50 58
60 72
68 74
78 77
89 80
99 125 83

Notes on exact values

  • The attack power is dependant on the equipped weapon's strength modifier
  • Dexterity reduces the amount of damage you take from a fall. If you fall off of a high area like a cliff though not even a dexterity of 99 would save you. The effects of a Cat's Ring stack with your dexterity to reduce damage taken from a fall.
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