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General Information

  • Increases Physical Damage
  • Is a Weapon Requirement


The displayed 'Attack Power' value when leveling up at the Maiden in Black is merely the exact value of your right hand weapon (first slot). Any scaling increase in Soul Level that effect that weapon will be represented by this value.

Exact Values

Strength Attack Power Equipment Requiring this Strength
09 60 Falchion
10 61
13 65
14 66 Kilij, Adjudicator's Shield, Halberd
15 68
16 69 Phosphorescent Pole, Crescent Axe, Dark Silver Shield, Knight's Shield
17 70
18 71 Uchigatana, Hiltless, Magic Sword "Makoto", Steel Shield, Bastard Sword
19 73
20 74 Claymore, Guillotine Axe, Great Club, Northern Regalia
21 75 Lava Bow
22 77 Penetrating Sword, Compound Long Bow, Purple Flame Shield
24 Large Sword of Searching
26 Meat Cleaver, Great Sword, Great Axe, Large Brushwood Shield
30 87 Dragon Bone Smasher, Dozer Axe, White Bow, Tower Shield
36 Bramd
40 98
41 99
42 101
44 103
50 110
60 113
70 116
80 119
90 122
99 125

Notes on exact values

  • The attack power is dependent on the equipped weapon's strength modifier.
  • The attack power shown in the table is for a character with no weapon equipped.
  • Equipping a weapon with two hands gives you x1.5 more effective strength to use weapons. So if you have 20 strength you can use weapons requiring 30 strength if you use them with both hands.
  • Bows can only be used with two hands, so the White Bow only takes 20 Strength to use, even though it says it takes 30.
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