The concept of Stealth is to stay hidden from the enemy when utilising the effects of the Thief's Ring, Graverobber's Ring or the spells Cloak and Hidden Soul. The Graverobber's Ring and the Hidden Soul spell only affects Black Phantoms, while the Thief's Ring and the Cloak spell affects all enemies. Wearing a ring in combination with the corresponding spell will not double the effect, rather the spell will override the ring's effect while the spell is active.
For PvE purposes this is the only parameters the player need to know, for PvP on the other hand, a whole list of other features comes into play.

Some rough percentages for the visible distance reduced (Measured from PvE)

Ring / Spell Distance Reduced Enemies Affected
Thief's Ring 48% All
Cloak 74% All
Graverobber's Ring 54% Black Phantoms
Hidden Soul 78% Black Phantoms

Player versus Player

A lot of variables comes into play that will break the Stealth Mode, be it playing in Soul vs Body form, wearing different Rings, Weapons or using Spells in combination with the Rings and Spells that hides the player. The player will still be hidden, but some gear will give an aura effect that can still be seen by opposing players. Most items that create a symbol under the Endurance bar, excluding the fog symbol that represents stealth, will also create an aura.
Most invading PvP players will use the Thief's Ring, and cast Cloak when close to the target, usually with the intention of inflicting a critical backstab. For Hosts and Blue Phantoms, this can be countered with utilising the Graverobber's Ring and the Hidden Soul miracle, which will give marginally better stealth against invading Black Phantoms than they are able to produce. Cloak and Hidden Soul will also shorten the lock-on range, which in turn makes it hard to fight against with some weapon classes.

List of gear that will break Stealth Mode

Reference images of auras generated by equipment can be found here








  • Consuming Grass, Spice or a Lotus will cause a temporary particle effect.
  • Jumping down from a high enough ledge, that causes health loss, will briefly show the HP bar unless the Cat's Ring is worn. (unverified)
  • Attacking enemies/demons will show their HP bar, and can be seen from anywhere. (unverified)
  • Being shot with Rotten Arrows or White Arrows, will create auras that can be seen for about 10 seconds. (unverified)

Inflictable Ailments that will break Stealth until cured

  • Poison (unverified)
  • Plague (unverified)
  • Bleeding (unverified)

Attacks not affected by Stealth

  • Homing Soul Arrow will fire at enemies even if they are not visible to the caster, and can be used to track them as well.
  • AoE Spells (Anti Magic Field, God's Wrath, Firestorm, clouds) will still hit if the enemy is in range.
  • Anti Magic Field can also be used to track cloaked enemies, but is not advised since it causes huge amounts of lag online. (unverified)

Things that show up on HUD, but won't cause an aura

Player versus Environment

For PvE play, no Aura or Buff will break the Stealth Mode.
The Rings and Spells are used to sneak up on enemies, divide and conquer, or bypassing them altogether. If the player want to lure out enemies without alerting nearby Black Phantoms, wearing the Graverobber's Ring will do this. The Graverobber's Ring is also a tiny bit more potent than the Thief's Ring, so both can be used in certain situations. The Thief's Ring and Cloak works on all enemies.

Enemies not affected by stealth

Large weapons effect

This might be a bug, but it works none the less.

Notes and Findings

  • It appears to be no difference in radius from different World Tendency, Character Tendency, Soul Form, Body Form or Equipment (light/heavy).
  • The radius however are different from one enemy type to another, some will also notice you at a certain distance but will not engage until you get closer.
  • Archers and other enemies with ranged attacks will spot you from a further distance than their melee equivalents.
  • Some Scale Miners will also spot you at the same distance, with or without the Thief's Ring equipped, but once spotted the Ring will hide you if you run away.

Some measured distances for PvE

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