Sticky White Stuff
sticky white stuff applied


In-Game Descripton

A sticky, white, wax-like substance.
Apply it to the right-hand weapon for a magical effect.
It is said to be the waste product of a magical slug that bathed in fluorescent water.

Weight: 0.2


When used on a right hand weapon1, deals 110 extra magic damage for 60 seconds.


Location Cost Amount Comment
Nexus 5000 unlimited Patches sells Sticky White Stuff after killing 2 archdemons
2-1 Treasure 2 Near the start, where the smashing boulders land
4-1 Chunk of Faintstone 10 trade one Chunk of Faintstone with Sparkly the Crow to obtain ten Sticky White Stuff
4-1, 4-2 5000 unlimited sold by Graverobber Blige
4-2 drop usually
dropped by Phosphorescent Slug
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