Stockpile Thomas
stockpile thomas

Stockpile Thomas is a widower whose family was killed during the setting in of the deep fog; his wife and daughter were either slain or turned into Demons, but Thomas, unwilling to dwell on the past, has made his home in the Nexus and is willing to store any and all items the player is carrying. In 1-1 you find two hung corpses, one holding the Jade Hair Ornament and the other the old raggedy robes set. Due to Thomas' dialogue when you give him the ornament it becomes clear that these corpses very likely were his wife and daughter. The other corpse is holding the same armor set (except for the hat) as Yuria suggesting that his wife and/or daughter was a witch and that was probably the main reason for their execution.


Tendency Events

  • None


  • Stores any and all unused equipment for the player: he can hold up to 99 of consumable items and up to 999 of each arrow type.
  • Weapons can be upgraded by Blacksmith Boldwin and Blacksmith Ed while Thomas holds on to the player's ore: since there's no need to carry the stones to the blacksmiths for them to use, it's best to just leave them with Thomas.
  • If the player has the Jade Hair Ornament from World 1-1 in their inventory. after exhausting all his dialogues, Thomas will offer to trade that item in exchange for the Ring of Herculean Strength.
  • Killing Stockpile Thomas will shift Character Tendency toward Black (-3), but it won't adjust World Tendency.


HP Souls Drop
1325 230 Ring of Herculean Strength1
Vitality Intelligence Endurance Strength Dexterity Magic Faith Luck
40 12 21 18 14 9 24 11


Right Hand Left Hand
Helmet Armor Gauntlets Leggings
Leather Armor Leather Boots


  • Killing Thomas will make it impossible to retrieve or deposit any item in his storage for the rest of the playthrough.
  • Items held in Thomas' storage carry over to New Game Plus.


  • According to cut lines, Thomas was supposed to be one of Mephistopheles' targets:
    • I want you to kill Stockpile Thomas.
    • Kill Stockpile Thomas.
    • Next, you will kill Stockpile Thomas.


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Voiced by: Peter Marinker
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