Stockpile Thomas
stockpile thomas

Stockpile Thomas is a widower whose family was killed during the setting in of the deep fog; his wife and daughter were either slain or turned into Demons, but Thomas, unwilling to dwell on the past, has made his home in the Nexus and is willing to store any and all items the player is carrying. In 1-1 you find two hung corpses, one holding the Jade Hair Ornament and the other the old raggedy robes set. Due to Thomas' dialogue when you give him the ornament it becomes clear that these corpses very likely were his wife and daughter. The other corpse is holding the same armor set (except for the hat) as Yuria suggesting that his wife and/or daughter was a witch and that was probably the main reason for their execution.

Found in:

Tendency Events:

  • None


  • Stores any and all unused equipment for the player
  • Weapon upgrades can be made at Blacksmith Boldwin and Blacksmith Ed while Stockpile holds on to the players ore. You don't need to carry the stones to the blacksmiths for them to use it — just leave it with Thomas.
  • He can hold up to 99 of stackable items like upgrade stones, grass, spice, turpentine, etc., and up to 999 of each arrow type.
  • You can trade him the Jade Hair Ornament from World 1-1 in exchange for a Ring of Herculean Strength (increases carry weight). You must talk to him to exhaust his other dialog, before he will offer to make the exchange. Make sure you have the Jade Hair Ornament in your own inventory. It's a good idea to always have this Ring with you (not necessarily equiped) so you don't lose dropped items because of Carrying Overweight. (If you try to grab an item and it says you are overweight just equip the ring, if you leave the item there and go back to Nexus the item will be lost forever).
  • Killing him will make it impossible to access any items he was holding until your next playthrough. He also drops the Ring of Herculean Strength when killed, unless you already traded him the Jade Hair Ornament for it.


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