Stone of Ephemeral Eyes


In-Game Descripton

An eye stone which has deteriorated more than halfway.
Resurrects the user's body.

Can only be used in Soul form. Once it is used, it crumbles away and is lost.

Weight: 0.1


Revive yourself to body form at any time, with full HP and MP

Constraints on use

  • Can only be used in your own world. Therefore, cannot be used when playing as a Blue or Black Phantom


Location Cost Amount Comment
Nexus 50000 3 Patches, the Hyena
Only three can be purchased from this vendor in a single playthrough
Nexus Gift 2 With 20+ Faith, speak to the Worshipper of God (Urbain's Female Follower).
In addition she will give you a Pure Faintstone
Nexus Treasure 1 On a dead body, at the level beneath the Monumental
Nexus Treasure 1 Inside the Pantheon at the top of the Nexus, to the far left (only accessible online)
1-2 Treasure 1 On the walkway approaching the Tower Knight arena, before the drawbridge
1-2 Treasure 1 On top of the last tower, behind the archers, before the Tower Knight arena
1-3 Treasure 1 On the body crushed by the portcullis in the first cutscene
1-3 Treasure 1 On the way to rescue Yuria. At the end of the passageway accessible after obtaining the Bloody Key
1-4 Treasure 1 In the small passageway to left of the three Black Phantoms met at the start of the level
1-4 Treasure 1 Above and to the right of the doorway that the Blue Dragon perches over
2-1 Treasure 1 At the start of Stonfang tunnel. Take the elevator in the first building down to where the Primeval Demon is in PBWT
2-1 Treasure 1 To the right of the third fog gate guarded by the barrel exploding Fat Official
2-2 Treasure 1 Near the Flamelurker boss fog
2-2 Treasure 1 Near to the lava beds, in the dead end tunnel guarded by a Large Bearbug
2-2 Treasure 1 Under the walkway, near to where you meet Patches, the Hyena
2-2 Drop 2 Kill the two Great Club Black Phantoms guarding the Lizard nest
2-3 Treasure 1 On the steps available after activating the first ballista
3-1 Treasure 1 Inside the Iron Maiden in the first cell on the left after the first fog gate
3-1 Treasure 1 After getting PWWT and obtaining the 2F key from 3-2, the gate between the prisoner horde and the ballista machine will be unlockable. In the first cell on the right up these stairs is the stone
3-1 Treasure 1 At end of the ballista hallway, on a small lower ledge
3-1 Treasure 1 On the ballista bridge
3-1 Drop 2 Kill the Baby's Nail Black Phantom on the church steps
3-2 Treasure 1 Near to the bottom of the elevator in the first chaintower
3-2 Treasure 1 At the base of the second chaintower after the first Man Centipede infested walkway
3-2 Treasure 1 Next to the fallen heart after releasing both chaintowers
4-1 Trade 3 Trade one Pure Faintstone with Sparkly the Crow for three stones
4-1 Treasure 1 Just below Sparkly the Crow, in a small niche with the Crystal Lizard
4-1 Treasure 1 On the first floor ledge in the Adjudicator boss arena
4-1 Treasure 1 At the end of the extended path above the Adjudicator Shield
4-2 Treasure 1 As you enter the level, on the left, behind a pillar. Careful now.
4-2 Treasure 1 At the top of the left hand stairway, near the first Reaper
4-2 Drop 1 Kill the Uchigatana Black Phantom guarding Urbain
4-2 Treasure 1 On the far left of the Phosphorescent Slug room, in a small niche
4-3 Treasure 1 Just past the Archstone, on the right
5-1 Treasure 1 Opposite the first Giant Ticks with the Saint's armor
5-1 varies unlimited
1 initially
Buy from the Filthy Woman.
See vendor page for price and availability details.
5-2 Drop 2 Kill the Meat Cleaver Black Phantom in the first swamp
5-2 Treasure 1 On the large island near the first fog gate
5-2 Treasure 3 On a small island, close to the rickety walkway that leads back to the level start.
Guarded by four Giant Depraved Ones
5-2 varies unlimited
1 initially
Buy from the Filthy Woman.
See vendor page for price and availability details.
5-3 Treasure 1 In the centre of the Plague Babies swamp
5-3 Drop 1 Kill the Plague Babies in the swamp

Notes on Use

The Stone of Ephemeral Eyes is commonly used to alter World Tendency. Simply by using the stone to turn into Body Form and then dying within a world causing a -1 shift in World Tendency.

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