World 2 -- Stonefang Tunnel
World Walkthrough Boss(es) NPC(s) Enemies
2-1, Stonefang Tunnel Armor Spider
- Hard Demon's Soul
Blacksmith Ed (upgrade)
Filthy Man (vendor)
Scale Miners
Fire Lizards
Fat Official
2-2, Armor Spider Archstone Flamelurker
- Red Hot Demon's Soul
Filthy Man (vendor)
Patches, the Hyena
Scirvir, the Wanderer
Scale Miners
Fat Official
Large Bearbug
Giant Bearbug
Flying Bearbug
Rock Worms
Great Club Black Phantom x2
2-3, Flamelurker Archstone Dragon God
- Dragon Demon's Soul
None None

General Strategy

Stonefang is an easy world for planning equipment strategy since almost all the enemies have similar attacks and weaknesses.

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