Tips For Newbies

We were all noobs once. We've all made mistakes that have made us want to just cry, give up, and play a game were the AI wasn't gonna kick our ass and take our lunch money. For those who claim that you've never made such a mistake… "good for you"…

This page is intended for people who've made humorous, catastrophic, and frustrating blunders, and are willing to share them so that the newer players might learn from such mistakes. We might all get a few good laughs in as well.

If I were to give one bit of advise to new players, It would be to not get too far ahead of themselves. By reading FAQs and such I have on a number of occasions done things too early and had suffered the longterm consequences when an easier way would have been revieled if I had just waited. For example, I was bumed out after I had lost the Brushwood Leggings near Miralda to an overburden incident. After realizing that they were simply gone for this playthrough, I consulted a number of FAQs and game sites (ie. GameFAQs) and found that the full set of Brushwood Armor was part of the loot from killing Biorr. So as soon as I found Biorr, I wen't and bashed his head in, but only after a fairly difficult fight in the tight quarters of the dungeon in which I found him. Well if I had read further, I would have learned that he comes in handy when he fights at your side (fairly effectively I might add) against two of the upcoming bosses. Now, as it turns out, I actually prefer the Gloom Armor anyway and caused myself all sorts of grief for nothing. Point is kids, read everything before you go and make it harder for your self.

So we all had that feeling of "what do I do next as not to get killed". everybody. you. me. that guy who has too great equipment for his level in PVP. the publishers. your, or the closest, cat. everybody. it can be confusing. here is what I did when I was new. I knew I was not getting anywhere without some souls. so I looked for the best soul farming area from the beginning. 4-1, or shrine of storms, has simple but good fights with good turnout for the trouble you have to go through. so after i got souls I checked out all the levels. now their order tells how hard they are overall. so 1, bolitarain palace, is easy. you can get some overall loot there and is good for beginners all around.
world 2, stonefang tunnel, has predicable enemies and is easy for the first level. it is a great place to mine for stones.
3, tower of latrina, is a though but manageable area that is good for starting magicians. the enemies there are very different from the rough and tumble of other areas as you generally sneak by and if the guards see you it requires immediate action. you get notable magic loot and the guards, mind flayers or octopus headed guards, give you spice whitch is needed to replenish MP since as you begin only one class has an item that lets you restore MP.
then world 4, shrine of storms, has a bit of an odd flavor. you get plenty of souls for the trouble you go through, beating the first area the first boss is easy if you know what to do, your on a wiki so look it up, and have either help or a good command of you in game avatar. then it gets to the favorite farming spot. if you read soul farming you will see about a reaper that you can take down with arrows for a good turn out without much hassle. world 4 is great for quick souls. its difficult and not suggested to go without taking down the a few times as they are both in the open and hidden throughout the world.
finally world 5, valley of defilement. chances are if you ask 5 people what their least favorite level is 4 of them will say this level. Now don't let it scare you but this level is hard even for demon's souls. now there is nothing wrong with the level but you have to know what you are doing to get out of it without dieing 10 times. now don't think this level takes everything and gives you nothing. you can get some good stuff. both the leechmonger and pure-blood demon soul give you a good turn out. leechmonger lets you use poison cloud for wizards, or even just somebody who does a little magic, because its 1 slot and can kill major enemies without the risk of you dieing. just look at it. then you can get some good items from the swamp. large sword of moonlight, an easy broken sword for the blueblood sword and other rare, but not one of a kind, items. so while this is one of the toughest areas it also has the turnout of rare items.
so that is what you need to know how to start. use this info to help you decide what level to take on first. if you don't have any luck with one then chose another one then come back when you have gotten more powerful from that one. while being able to fight and platform around demon's souls is important a good start with items and weapons that you can use best will make gameplay more fun and easy. happy hunting.

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