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*this item is done

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I shut this down. It violates the TOS for Wikidot, not to mention it is sleazy, at least in my opinion.


Items pages

  • The Ronin's Ring could use some numbers on weapon wear reduction against PvP Scraping Spear and Acid Cloud (if any).

Enemy Pages

Stat pages

  • Fill out more of each stat's table
  • More exact values in the Soul Level stat page: I'm working on this one too, but obviously the more help I can get, the better - ArdentMarauder
    I filled in the rest of the table with calculated values. The largest difference between my calculated values and the actual value was 1 soul. If you notice any differences, let me know and I can refine the calculation. - Maeloch

Image work

  • Grab pictures, crop them to 300px wide, and upload them to the correct page
  • Make icon pictures on weapons, armor, shields pages transparent backgrounds

context images

Please use the following format to add context images where necessary.
Please don't feel obliged to add a caption unless it is in some way helpful.
There are seperate include pages for linked and non linked images.
This simply ensures that in the browser, the mouse over cursor changes only when there is a link to follow.

Demon's Souls

Character Tendency

  • Page could need some info and numbers on damge increase with black CT as an invader (black phantom).
  • Page should have some info on change in CT when reviving Blue Phantoms as a Host, either with a boss kill or with the Resurrection miracle.
  • Also, is there any change in CT when Banishing Black Phantoms?

Parry and Riposte

  • Page needs PvP tips/info
  • HitRes and health/stamina depletion for partially parried attacks
  • Unparryable attacks?


  • Verify visibility details (auras and distance) of Thief's and Graverobber's rings, and the spells Cloak and Hidden Soul. Especially PvP numbers needed.
  • It would be good to have example images of auras resulting from rings/equipment/miracles/spells. As they appear to player/blue/bp alike. Stealth gear in particular.

Player vs Player

  • Info on duels/red eye stone please.

Armor Pages

  • Many images still missing.
  • Male and Female Armor sets: Some of the basic armor pieces have different models for male and female characters. Would be nice to have one picture of each gender wearing the full set of these armors.

Spell / Miracle pages

Unsolved Items

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