World 3 -- Tower Of Latria
World Walkthrough Boss(es) NPC(s) Enemies
3-1, Tower of Latria Fool's Idol
- Doll Demon's Soul
Once Royal Mistress (vendor)
Sage Freke, the Visionary
Lord Rydell
Baby's Nail Black Phantom
Mind Flayer
Prisoner Horde
3-2, Fool's Idol Archstone Maneater
- Mixed Demon's Soul
Yurt, the Silent Chief Gargoyle
Man Centipede
Giant Man Centipede
Mind Flayer
Prisoner Horde
3-3, Maneater Archstone Old Monk
- Yellow Demon's Soul
None Man Centipede
Mind Flayer

General Strategy

Latria is a creepy atmospheric world with a unique flavor, and without care several of the enemies here will make you the tasty flavor on their menu.

  • Besides physical attacks, you will encounter several enemies which will use potent ranged magic attacks, and also some which will poison you. There are no sources of flame attacks here.
  • The strong ranged magic attacks are from the guards, the two Prisoner Horde enemies, and the Fools Idol boss
    • For the Mind Flayer enemies encountered in 3-1, be sure to have a bow and plenty of arrows, which are very effective.
  • Bring a shield which blocks as high a percent of magic as possible:
      • Dark Silver Shield is the best option at 100%, but you may not have it until NG+ (who wrote that? You can have it in NG)
      • All of these are better than the typical 30% of magic blocked by other shields:
    • If you are caught in a long corridor or open space without hiding spots you may still take a lot of damage from these ranged attacks. Use cover to prevent getting hit at all.
  • You will encounter poison on the tip of some of the prisoners' daggers, and from the Man Centipedes in the swamp of 3-2.
    • Increasing your poison resistence can make it less likely you will be affected
    • Natural poison resist comes from your Endurance stat, and can be boosted with a Ring of Poison Resistance, and some other equipment
    • Bring Royal Lotus to heal poison, and equip it for fast [] hotkey use next to your healing items
    • The miracles Antidote and Cure are also quick ways to remove the poison effect
  • The variety of enemies has no wide-scale resistances to physical, fire, or magic damage, so try whichever upgraded weapons and spells are your favorites.
  • Make sure you have a reliable source of ranged damage (bow, crossbow, or spells) for 3-2, since the airborne crossbow-firing Gargoyles can be hard to lure into melee killing range, and ranged offense will lower your stress level dealing with the Mind Flayers (as mentioned above) in 3-1 as well.
  • The term "Latria" refers to the adoration of God in catholic and orthodox theology.

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