Weapons required for Trophy

You don't have to have them all in your inventory or Stockpile at the same time. If you have held it in your hand for a few moments with the character, it is enough to count. All these items can be dropped, so they can be traded online to help earn the trophy.

Blacksmith Ed must first be supplied with a Red Hot Demon's Soul before he will allow upgrade of the following:

Unique (25 items)

Name Classification Location
Adjudicator's Shield Large Shield 4-1
Baby's Nail Dagger 3-1 or Sage Freke
Blind Curved Sword 5-2 BP Selen Vinland
Bramd (Brand) Large Hammer 5-3 BP Garl Vinland
Dark Silver Shield Shield 5-3 Garl Vinland
Demonbrandt (Demonbrand) Large Sword 1-1
Epee Rapier Rapier 3-2 or Nexus Mephistopheles
Geri's Stiletto Rapier 3-1
Hiltless (Gripless) Katana 4-1 BP Satsuki or 4-2
Hands of God Fist 2-2 or Blacksmiths
Istarelle Spear 5-1
Dragon Bone Smasher (Keel Smasher) Extra Large Sword 2-3
Kris Blade (Kris Knife) Straight Sword 2-1
Large Brushwood Shield Large Shield 1-1 or Biorr
Large Sword of Moonlight Large Sword 5-2
Magic Sword "Makoto" Katana 4-2
Penetrating Sword Straight Sword 1-3 or 1-4 BP NPC
Phosphorescent Pole Pole arm 3-1 BP Lord Rydell
Rune Shield Shield 3-2 or 1-4 BP Ostrava
Rune Sword Straight Sword 3-2 or 1-4 BP Ostrava
Soulbrandt (Soulbrand) Large Sword End Game
Stormruler Large Sword 4-3
Talisman of Beasts Catalyst / Talisman 2-2 BP Scirvir or Nexus Meph. Quest
Tower Shield Large Shield 1-2 or 1-4 BP NPC
White Bow Bow 4-2 or 1-4 BP NPC or Sparkly

Upgraded using a Demon's Soul (10 items)

Blacksmith Ed must first be supplied with a Red Hot Demon's Soul before he will allow transformation of the following:

Name Classification Required Demon's Soul (with Boss name and location)
Blueblood Sword Straight Sword Pureblood Demon's Soul (Maiden Astraea) (5-3)
Dozer Axe Large Axe Grey Demon's Soul (Vanguard) (4-1)
Insanity Catalyst Catalyst / Talisman Yellow Demon's Soul (Old Monk) (3-3)
Large Sword of Searching Curved Sword Hero Demon's Soul (Old Hero) (4-2)
Lava Bow Bow Hard Demon's Soul (Armor Spider) (2-1)
Meat Cleaver Large Hammer Swollen Demon's Soul (Adjudicator) (4-1)
Morion Blade Large Sword Storm Demon's Soul (Storm King) (4-3)
Needle of Eternal Agony Rapier Mixed Demon's Soul (Maneater) (3-2)
Northern Regalia (North Regalia) Large Sword False King's Demon Soul (False King Allant) (1-4)
Scraping Spear Spear Lead Demon's Soul (Phalanx) (1-1)
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