The Tutorial is the first level a player who starts his adventure in the world of Demon's Souls has to traverse after they finished creating their own character. It serves as an introduction to the game mechanics and a training session against enemies. At the end end of the level, the player will be sent to the Nexus.


Bosses Enemies Loot
Vanguard (Optional)
- Grey Demon's Soul

Dragon God (Unkillable)

Boletarian Soldier

Blue Eye Knight
Crescent Moon Grass x1
Crescent Moon Grass x3
Unknown Soldier's Soul x1
Half Moon Grass x2
Full Moon Grass x1
Full Moon Grass x1
Full Moon Grass x2
Shard of Hardstone x3
Shard of Sharpstone x3
Renowned Soldier's Soul x1
Renowned Soldier's Soul x1
Renowned Soldier's Soul x1

World Tendency Events

  • None


  • Just a few steps ahead, the first developer message will be found. Interacting with it by pressing X, it will read: "R1: Standard Attack". Just past it, the first enemy, a passive dregling who'll never retaliate will function as a punching bag for the player's first and most basic apporach to combat. Every attack consumes a certain amount of stamina from the player's green bar and this will only start to regenerate when they stop swinging their weapon.
  • Immediately after, the next message is found: "Direction + Hold O: Sprint". Running too consumes stamina.
  • At the end of the tunnel, a message will be waiting the player: "L1: Guard". By holding L1, the player will be able to block the attacks of the dregling to their right, with different results based on the stats of their Shield. Blocking an attack will consume stamina and, as long as the player has its guard up, stamina regeneration will be significantly slower.
  • After completing the first proper battle, the subsequent message will tell the player: "R3: Target lock/Release" and "Right Stick: Change locked target". Now they're tasked with handling a two on one fight against a couple of Dreglings,
  • After these two enemies, another Dregling lays hidden, prepared to ambush the player. Past him, the first loot of the game is found: Crescent Moon Grass x1. Beyond it is a message that explains how to use the item that has just been collected: "□: Use Item".
  • Collected the next Crescent Moon Grass x3, the player has now to plunge down into the courtyard, where another message is located: "O: Backstep" and "Left Stick + O: Roll". This last evasive maneuver will offer the player a span of time during which they'll found themself invicible against every type of damage. The length and speed of a roll is determined by the player's Equip Burden. Both Rolls and Backsteps consume stamina. In this open area it's now time for the player to put into practice everything they have been taugh so far against a horde of four Dreglings, before interacting with the Archstone inside the gazebo to reach the next area.
  • The new stage starts with a message right off the bat: "R2: Strong Attack". While Strong Attacks deal more damage than Standard Attacks, they are slower and require more stamina. The difference between the two can be experimented on the nearby Boletarian Soldier.
  • Behind this first soldier, a message will introduce the player to a new combat mechanic: "L2: Parry (Repel an enemy attack)" and "After Parrying R1: Riposte". This technique requires a lot of training as it can only be performed when an incoming attack is but a hair's breadth away from striking, as such it's necessary to see and memorize an enemy's moveset before attempting to deflect their hit. This move is a double edge sword, since the high risk innate to it will also reward the player with a powerful counter-attack called a Critical Hit, which will severly deplete an enemy's health points. Parrying an attack and following it up with a Riposte will consume stamina in both occasions. Another Boletarian Soldier that fights exactly like the one previously faced will volunteer for some practice and, past him, some more exercise can be done on the first Blue Eye Knight.
  • After that, a new message will be discovered: "∆: Wield Weapons with both hands/Release". Wielding the weapons with both hands won't only enhances its damage output, but it will change its moveset too. A two-handed weapon will also deal more stamina damage to guarding enemies, which is just what the player need to break the defense of the next Blue Eye Knight.
  • Taken the staircase, a message will inform the player of how to switch between equipped items: "⟵ ⟶: Change Weapon" and "↓: Change Item". The props behind it can be broken with either an attack or by rolling through them, which will reveal a new loot: Half Moon Grass x1.
  • In case the player-chosen character came equipped with a bow, the developers left some hints on how to use it on a message: "With Bow Equipped L1: Precision Fire Mode/Release" and "In Precision Fire Mode ↕: Zoom". The crossbow-wielding Boletarian Soldier atop the staircase can be used as a bull's eye. He guards a Renowned Soldier's Soul x1 and always drops Crescent Moon Grass x3 when killed.
  • Past the following sword-wielding Boletarian Soldier and crossbow-wielding Boletarian Soldier, who'll again drop Crescent Moon Grass x3 upon death, the player will have to interect with their first fog gate to access the last part of the level.
  • To the right there are Half Moon Grass x2, while from the left a sword-wielding Boletarian Soldier will be slowly approaching the player.
  • Beyond this soldier, another fog gate awaits the player, but this one will lead them directly to a battle to the death with a Boss: Vanguard.
  • To defeat this towering monstrosity the player should focus on dogding the massive sweeps of its Axe and running behind it, which will prompt the Boss to do his leaping slam attack, that can be easily avoided by simply walking backward and then punished once its subsequent lingering shockwave has dispelled.
  • Should the player achieve victory against Vanguard, another Archstone will appear in the arena and this time, upon interacting with it, it will grant the player Vanguard's Grey Demon's Soul. Interact again with the Archstone to reach the end stage of the Tutorial.
  • About to come face to face with the Dragon God, there's nothing left to do, but to collect every treasure in the area: Full Moon Grass x1 on the right, Full Moon Grass x1 at the bottom of the staircase to the left of the entrance, Full Moon Grass x2 behind the first pillar to the left of the Dragon God, Shard of Hardstone x3 and Shard of Sharpstone x3 and Renowned Soldier's Soul x1 and Renowned Soldier's Soul x1 and Renowned Soldier's Soul x1 on the five corpses just before the Dragon God.
  • Walking past these corpses will trigger a cutscene, where the Dragon God will kill the player, who'll be revived in the Nexus.


  • Upon completing the tutorial once, when starting a new save, one may choose to skip this area entirely by selecting "No" when asked if they want to "Play the journey to the Nexus".
  • This level can only be played once per savefile, as upon entering New Game Plus the player will be sent back to the Nexus, just how it happens after dying in the Tutorial.


  • Quitting at any point of the three sections of this level will make the player respawn at the starting area of that section, but all the previously killed enemies and previously collected loot will remain as such.
  • Before traversing Vanguard's fog gate, the player cannot die in the Tutorial: their HP are set to stop at 1.
  • The ghosts in this area aren't actual players, but entities programmed by the developers.
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