Unused Content

Unused/ Cut Content

This page aims to document all of the unused content and test materials found on-disc in Demon's Souls. These things have been discovered through extracted files, as well as a hacked debug menu.

Unused Items


Icons for three unidentified weapons were found in the weapons & armor texture sheets:
Image Item
62AwtSr.png Unknown Dagger
Unknown Hand Axe
Unknown Spear
Corresponding models have been located for them as well.
There is a video demonstration of them here.
(0:06:30, 0:13:50, & 0:17:10)

Unknown Spell

An icon for an unidentified spell:

The text dump does not include any names for this in its list of spells. However, there is a list including the effects of spells, and there is one unknown effect that says:

Change into Black Ghost (Ghosts N/A)

This description can not concretely be tied to this icon, but it indicates the possibility of a spell for invading as a black phantom, or choosing your phantom-type.

Execution Grounds Key

An unused key that was most likely meant to open the locked gate leading to Executioner Miralda. This may have been a means to enter the area without requiring the needed World Tendency Event. Or the World Tendency Event might have made the key available elsewhere, as opposed to automatically unlocking the door.

In the text dump, the item is designated with the name of "Execution Grounds Key". Its item description simply reads "Key to the Execution Grounds."
No unused key icons were found in the texture sheets.

Upgrade Materials

Several unused upgrade materials can be found. Some are clearly for testing purposes, others include "large" versions of existing ores that do not have that size normally. They have corresponding text for item descriptions, however they aren't much more descriptive than the item names:

Item Name Item Description
Large Clearstone Shard Large shard of Clearstone
Large Greystone Shard Large shard of Greystone
Large Bladestone Shard Large shard of Bladestone
Shard of Bronze_test1 Weapon Material_test
Shard of Steel_test2 Weapon Material_test
Material_test3 Material_test3
Material_test4 Material_test4
Material_test5 Material_test5

There are also icons for unused upgrade materials, but they can't be easily paired to the above titles since there are more images. The Large x Shards do not fit well with their own upgrade paths in that they appear larger than Chunks, but it is clear that they share the same design of those ore-types.

Image Item
YuYtvmM.png Unknown Upgrade Materials 1
wNj8Gdc.png Unknown Upgrade Materials 2
pcaJG8C.png Unknown Upgrade Materials 3
1Bc5YOz.png Large Clearstone Shard
Large Greystone Shard
Large Bladestone Shard

Alternate Menu and Icons

An alternate equipment menu and various unused icon sheets likely associated with it:

Image Item
gBI7Iyw.png Early Equipment Menu
(click for complete
texture sheet)
jRg7anD.png Various Icons 1
BWxJgLa.pngaO6RDrC.png Various Icons 2 & 3

Enemies and NPCs

Serpent Soldiers

Sword and bow-wielding Serpent Soldiers. They have data corresponding to the third area of the unused Broken Archstone map.
Video demonstration of models and animations here. (4:35:40)



Models for a crocodile and deer. They are without working animations.
Video demonstration of models here. (4:38:45)


Wolf Warrior

An unused werewolf warrior. Its model name translates to "wolf barbarian warrior beast". It is set to load in a test map area.
Video demonstration of model and animations here. (0:47:00)


Bear Warrior

An unused bear-man warrior. Its model name translates to "wolf barbarian warrior beast".
Video demonstration of model and animations here. (0:51:35)


Hyena Warrior

An unused werehyena. Its model name translates to "hyena barbarian warrior beast".
Video demonstration of model and animations here. (0:54:30)


Owl Mage

An unused owl mage or sorceress. Its model name translates to "owl barbarian warrior beast".
Video demonstration of model and animations here. (1:20:00)


Wounded Wolf

A wolf with several arrows shot into it.
Video demonstration of model and animations here. (1:25:25)


Shadow Bird

A demon-like bird. Its model name translates to "shadow full bird".
Video demonstration of model and animations here. (1:47:20)



Nicknamed "chomper", it is a mimic-like creature that appears to take the shape of a humanoid-bust. It is set to load in the first area of the of the unused Broken Archstone map. Its model name translates to "March planarian (berserk version)", though it is not recognized as a Berserk reference.
Video demonstration of model and animations here. (1:48:30)


Unknown Woman

An unidentified character, believed to be the "Filthy One" referenced in the text dump. Her model name translates to "Wandering daemon (unclean)", and she is set to load in the first and second areas of the Broken Archstone map. She wields a serpent staff, and is covered in insects.
Video demonstration of model and animations here. (2:03:53)


Yeti Monster

An unused Yeti with a mouth for a stomach, which would have been capable of eating the player. It is set to load in the first area of the Broken Archstone map.
Video demonstration of model and animations here. (2:12:40)


Unknown Man

An unidentified character, who is set to load in the second area of the Broken Archstone map. He has a sophisticated look to his appearance, and wears a monocle.
Video demonstration of model and animations here. (3:01:20)


Unknown Child

An unidentified character, speculated to be the son of the Filthy Woman vendor. He is without working animations.
Video demonstration of model here. (3:06:00)


Character Animations

documentation pending

  • The Man-Eaters have an unused animation for the serpentine-tail attacking its own body.
  • The Old Monk has a "mobile" version, with attack animations.
  • The Crystal Lizard appears to have an attack animation.
  • The Monumental has a death animation.


All dialogue text is © Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

Tell All

This dialog belongs to an unused character named "Tell All":


  • This is Boletaria, a warped world
    shaped by the trade in souls.
    Do you have your soul still? Then beware:
    soul-starved men and terrible Demons will hunt
    you down for it.
    You seem to have plenty about you.
  • Surely you realize that you are a sacrifice;
    you are meant to die here.
    Are you in need of a way out?
    You must begin by seeking knowledge.
  • I am Tell All. And I can tell you… anything.
    Very well. But this is a dangerous place to
    navigate on one's own.
  • Wise warrior, do you seek further knowledge?
    I see. May god have mercy upon the ignorant.
  • I am Tell All.
    My knowledge is vast, and memory deep.
    Trust in me, for I will not misguide you.
  • Come again, eternal prisoner.
    If you wish to save yourself.
  • Come again.
    If you survive, I have much more to tell.
  • What foolishness…
    What will violence accomplish here?
  • Where are you going?
    Do you fear the truth?

Unidentified Character


This probably belongs to the unused NPC known as "Hanging Woman", who may have been intended as Stockpile Thomas' daughter. However, this is speculative and cannot currently be confirmed.

  • Are… are you human?
    Oh, the pain, the pain… and the ghastly odour…
    Please, put me out of my misery…
    Please, have mercy…
  • Thank you.
    Forgive me, Father…

Crestfallen Warrior


This unused dialog appears to refer to the cut True Death mechanic. He warns the player of what might happen if they die in soul form, and also has a response after it occurs:

  • Go on, run off and find the bloodscript.
    Get that corpse of yours back before it rots.
    If you die once more, you lose everything…
    Including all the precious souls you've obtained…
  • Well, so you've died completely this time?

The Crestfallen Warrior also has a few other unused lines, the most interesting of which relates to the Maiden in Black in an unknown situation:

  • The flame-tending maiden has not come down
    from the upper level.
    Go ahead, seek her; you monsters deserve each other.
    I could not care any less.
  • Hmph. Not enjoying the conversation?
    Monster! Do you think that you are somehow special!?
  • Hm? What is it?
    I'm not going anywhere. Question me as you please.
  • I wonder how many others are in this Nexus?
    They are no different than I.
    They traversed the foggy fissure with determination,
    but realised their powerlessness, and became
    prisoners of the Nexus.

Maiden in Black


The Maiden in Black has several pieces of unused dialog from the end game, as well as a couple less-significant introductory lines.

  • Ancient Old One! My dearest!
    I have brought a new Demon to thee.
    This is what thou wanted, is it not?
    Yes, yes, good boy.
    Now be still.
    Now, now, dearest Old One…
  • Old One, all the Demons are destroyed.
    But do not despair; they are of use to thee no longer.
    Together, we shall slumber soundly.
    This is the way things must be.
  • I thank thee, slayer of Demons.
    My thanks to thee; we sleep at last.
    Thou may'st depart. Be gone to your world.
  • Thou art the new one, art thou not?
  • Thou art bound now to the Nexus.



Mephistopheles had an additional NPC on her kill list, Stockpile Thomas. Just the same for any other NPC she offers a quest on, she had three different possible lines depending on the order of obtained quests:

  • I want you to kill Stockpile Thomas.
  • Kill Stockpile Thomas.
  • Next, you will kill Stockpile Thomas.


The Monumental had a line of dialog if the player was able to kill him.

  • Arrgghaaaaaa!
    But… I am a Monumental…!



When Yurt, the Silent Chief is first encountered, he asks the player if they are there to fight the demons, and follows up with "If so, then help me escape this place." An alternate line of dialog is found immediately after:

  • If so, then help me out of this dungeon.


Unknown Art

Unlike other unused icons, this image appears amongst the environment textures for the Nexus area:

Ninja Blade Hydra

A hydra from the video game Ninja Blade. It is without animations and is found amongst the objects, not enemies. It is likely test content that was never intended to be in-game.
Video demonstration of model here. (3:20:10)


True Death

A hardcore mode is described in the text dump. It is unknown if it was intended as an alternate mode, or if the main game would have functioned this way. Essentially, dying in soul form would cause something like a perma-death, but instead of deleting your character and starting the game over entirely, the character would automatically re-spawn with all or certain progress lost. The way it is worded, it is not clear if everything would have been lost, or if obtained gear would remain but simply got de-leveled.

One key difference is it appears that recollecting your bloodstain would automatically restore you back to human form. Unused dialog from the Crestfallen Warrior possibly refers to this cut mechanic.

First explanation:

  • When your HP reaches 0 in ghost form, True Death occurs.
  • A player with a True Death has all of their gained experience reset.

Second explanation:

  • True Death occurs when you die in ghost mode. A True Death resets your items and status to their starting levels.
  • To prevent this, rewrite a soul sign and begin multiplay or access the blood mark found at the place where you died.
  • When your HP reaches 0, you will die. Be sure to keep distance between the enemy and yourself.
  • When you die, you are warped to a stone monolith.

Alternate Summoning System

There appears to be confirmation of an abandoned, alternate system for co-op and PvP that might have been based on character tendency. If a player was being summoned, the similarity of their "alignment" to the host's would determine whether or not they were summoned as friend or foe. This system is explained as follows:

  • If the alignment of a living player is close to a ghost, they will be summoned as a white ghost
  • If the alignment of a living player is far from a ghost, they will be summoned as a black ghost

It is unknown if the host would have had a way of knowing in advance what kind of summon they would be engaging in. Maybe it's possible the sign would have adjusted color for them (speculation), but there is no clarification on this. It would have likely created randomized summoning from the perspective of the phantom, as the summoned player wouldn't know what kind of encounter they would be getting into until the summoning occurred.

There is further evidence of this 'randomized' summoning found in a list of the status effects. There are a couple lists of status effects found in the text dump, one of which confirms all the ones we know of in the final game. The other list is mostly identical, but one key difference is that it doesn't contain the "Phantom Power UP" and "Black Phan. Pwr UP" statuses. In place of those it contains:

  • Higher probability of being summoned and becoming a White Ghost
  • Higher probability of being summoned and becoming a Black Ghost

With increased phantom power being a result of character tendency, it seems likely that they designated two status effects to relate to your character tendency. The original would have been for increasing your odds to be summoned as either phantom type, but instead it appears to have been replaced with simply increasing the damage output as either phantom type.

Stone Monolith

A stone monolith is mentioned as being what the player is warped back to when they die in True Death mode. There is also one other mention of the monolith that can be found:

  • You are bound to the monolith, unable to die.

Unused Broken Archstone Map



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