Upgrade: Blessed (Faintstone)
blessed weapon aura
blessed weapon aura

In Game Description

Cold, holy ore that shines dimly. Enhances straight swords, axes, hammers, and so on.

The faintstone's power will also cause the user of a weapon blessed with it to slowly regenerate HP. Weapons can be strengthened by Faintstone up to a maximum of level 5.

General Information

Item Value
Special Damage Type Magic
Upgrade path starts +6
Maximum Upgrade Level +5
Notes Magic damage scales with faith stat
Adds HP regen to weapons
STR and DEX bonuses are lowered
Player will have visible regen aura


Image Name Location
splinter_faintstone.png Shard of Faintstone 5-1 Crystal Lizards
5-1 Dead body around Leechmonger (x2)
5-2 Shaman Depraved Ones
5-2 Filthy Woman Vendor (10,000s)
5-2 Dead body in building (x2)
chunk_faintstone.png Chunk of Faintstone 5-1 Dead body around Leechmonger
5-2 Shaman Depraved Ones (rare)
5-2 Meat Cleaver Black Phantom drop (x3)
5-2/3 Crystal Lizards
5-2 Dead body in building
pure_faintstone.png Pure Faintstone 5-2/3 Crystal Lizards
5-2 Shaman Depraved Ones
5-2 Giant Depraved Ones (rare)
Talk to Worshipper of God (Urbain's Female Follower) in the Nexus (requires 20 Faith)

Bonus Damage

Level Strength Dexterity Magic Faith Extra
+ 1 E E - B +2 HP / second
+ 2 E E - B +2 HP / second
+ 3 E E - B +4 HP / second
+ 4 E E - B +4 HP / second
+ 5 E E - A +6 HP / second

Confirmed Weapons

Weapon Max Damage max upgrade1
Bastard Sword 141/135/0 34/12/1
Battle Axe 119/114/0 25/9/1
Claymore 156/149/0 34/12/1
Crescent Axe 171/163/0 34/12/1
Great Axe 193/185/0 44/18/2
Great Sword 193/185/0 44/18/2
Guillotine Axe 129/124/0 34/12/1
Halberd 141/135/0 25/9/1
Iron Knuckles 97/92/0 15/6/1
Knight Sword 126/121/0 25/9/1
Long Sword 119/114/0 25/9/1
Mace 119/114/0 25/9/1
Mirdan Hammer 141/135/0 25/9/1
Morning Star 111/107/0 + 100 Bleed 25/9/1
Short Sword 111/107/0 20/7/1

*** You can trade Pure Faintsone with Sparkly the Crow for 3 Stone of Emphermal Eyes.

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