Upgrade: Crescent (Darkmoonstone)
crescent weapon aura
crescent weapon aura

In Game Description

Moonshadow. Enhances daggers, knives, and so on.

The darkmoonstone's power will also cause the user of a weapon enhanced with it to slowly regenerate MP. Weapons can be strengthened by Darkmoonstones up to a maximum of level 5.

General Information

Item Value
Special Damage Type Magic
Upgrade path starts +6
Maximum Upgrade Level +5
Notes Magic damage scales with Magic stat
Mana Regen (for stacking two crescent weapons, see below)
Strength and dexterity bonuses are eliminated
Player will have visible MP regen aura


Image Name Location
splinter_darkmoonstone.png Shard of Darkmoonstone
4-1 Crystal Lizards near Sparkly the Crow
4-2 Reaper
4-2 Graverobber Blige (3000 souls each)
chunk_darkmoonstone.png Chunk of Darkmoonstone
4-1 Crystal Lizard
4-2 Reaper
4-2 Uchigatana Black Phantom guarding Urbain (x3)
4-2 Treasure
4-2 Crystal Lizard - near White Bow
pure_darkmoonstone.png Pure Darkmoonstone 4-2 Crystal Lizards
4-3 Crystal Lizards

Bonus Damage

Level Strength Dexterity Magic Faith Extra
+ 1 - - A - +1 Mana Regen / 5 seconds
+ 2 - - A - +1 Mana Regen / 5 seconds
+ 3 - - A - +1 Mana Regen / 4 seconds
+ 4 - - A - +1 Mana Regen / 4 seconds
+ 5 - - A - +1 Mana Regen / 3 seconds

Mana Regen from two Crescent weapons

The Mana Regen rates from simultaneously wielding two crescent weapons may or may not combine. The rule is the following:

If the two crescent weapons have the same Mana Regen/sec rating, the two Regen rates will not combine. The Regen rate will be the same as from just one.
If the two crescent weapons have different Mana Regen/sec ratings, the two Regen rates will combine.
This rule has been confirmed for all possible pairings of crescent weapons.

Confirmed Weapons

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