Upgrade: Dark (Cloudstone)

In Game Description

Green ore said to be found in the sky. Enhances shields in particular.

An ore that blocks light and increases a shield's capacity to block magic. Shields can be strengthened by Cloudstones up to a maximum of level 5.

General Information

Item Value
Special Damage Type None
Upgrade path starts +6
Maximum Upgrade Level +5
Notes Shields only
Raises Magic Damage Reduction %
Resets Guard Break Reduction to default


Image Name Location
splinter_cloudstone.png Shard of Cloudstone 4-x Storm Beast
4-2 Graverobber Blige (3000 souls each)
chunk_cloudstone.png Chunk of Cloudstone 4-x Storm Beast
4-3 Treasure on dead body near Stormruler
pure_cloudstone.png Pure Cloudstone 4-3 Storm King Archstone
4-1 Storm Beast (Very Rare)
4-3 Storm Beast (Very Rare)

Damage Reduction

Level Magic Damage
Reduction %
+ 0 */30/* -
+ 1 */38/* -
+ 2 */46/* -
+ 3 */54/* -
+ 4 */62/* -
+ 5 */70/* -

Confirmed Weapons

Weapon Stones needed for Max Upgrade
Buckler 20/7/1
Heater Shield 25/9/1
Kite Shield 25/9/1
Knight's Shield 34/12/1
Purple Flame Shield 44/18/2
Soldier's Shield 20/7/1
Steel Shield 44/18/2
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