Upgrade: Mercury (Mercurystone)

In Game Description

Melted, poisonous ore. Enhances knives, curved swords, spears, and so on.

An ore that applies a strong poison to the weapon. Weapons can be strengthened by Mercurystones up to a maximum of level 5.

General Information

Item Value
Special Damage Type Poison
Upgrade path starts +3
Maximum Upgrade Level +5
Notes Gives chance to inflict target with poison


Image Name Location
splinter_mercurystone.png Shard of Mercurystone 3-1 Prisoners (Estoc)
3-2 Man Centipedes and Giant Man Centipedes
3-3 Man Centipedes and Giant Man Centipedes
chunk_mercurystone.png Chunk of Mercurystone 3-1 Prison of Hope, 2F, East, treasure on dead body in cells
3-2 Man Centipedes and Giant Man Centipedes
3-2 Treasure on dead body in swamp near the Prisoner Horde
3-3 Man Centipedes and Giant Man Centipedes
pure_mercurystone.png Pure Mercurystone 3-2 Giant Man Centipedes
5-3 Treasure - dead Body in Plague Babies swamp

Bonus Damage

Level Strength Dexterity Magic Faith Extra
+ 1 E D - - Poison 120
+ 2 E D - - Poison 180
+ 3 E C - - Poison 240
+ 4 E C - - Poison 300
+ 5 E C - - Poison 360

Confirmed Weapons

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