Upgrade: Sticky (Spiderstone)

In Game Description:

Fabric-like, transparent ore. Mainly used to enhance bows.

An ore used to make delicate bows. Weapons can be strengthened by Spiderstones up to a maximum of level 5.

General Information

Item Value
Special Damage Type None
Upgrade path starts +3
Maximum Upgrade Level +5
Notes Bows only (not crossbows)
Greatly increases DEX bonus, lowers STR bonus
Increases Range of bow by 5 at +1


Image Name Location
splinter_spiderstone.png Shard of Spiderstone 2-1, 2-2 Scale Miners (Fist)
2-1 Crystal Lizards
chunk_spiderstone.png Chunk of Spiderstone 2-2 Scale Miners (Fist)
2-1 Crystal Lizards
2-1 Treasure (Armor Spider Arena and just before the arena)
pure_spiderstone.png Pure Spiderstone 2-1 Armor Spider archstone
2-1 Crystal Lizards (rare)

Bonus Damage

Level Strength Dexterity Magic Faith Extra
+ 1 E C - - +5 Range
+ 2 E C - - -
+ 3 E A - - -
+ 4 E A - - -
+ 5 E S - - -

Confirmed Weapons

Weapon Max Damage Total Stones needed for Max Upgrade
Compound Long Bow 68/0 25/9/1
Compound Short Bow 60/0 20/7/1
Long Bow 53/0 25/9/1
Short Bow 45/0 20/7/1
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