Saint Urbain
saint urbain


A high-ranking priest who practices the Miracles of God. Althought a mere cleric and not suited for battle, he entered Boletaria to help all disciples of God in their fight against the Demons. He'll cleanse the Demon's Souls the protagonist brings to him and convert them into holy miracles.

On his journey through the Shrine of Storms, he was kicked down a pit by Patches, as his Acolyte fled in terror. Threatened by a Dark Spirit, he resorts to pray until the Demon Slayer comes to save him.

He directs his crusade against magicians too, as he views them as no better than actual Demons, lusting after the power of souls. This generates a strong tension between him and Freke.

Urbain mentions the numerous and fruitless expeditions of holy knights into the Valley of Defilement, searching for the sixth saint Astraea and Garl Vinland, questioning if even God himself abandoned such a miserable place.


Tendency Events



HP Souls Drop
742 840 Ring of Devout Prayer
Saint's Robe
Saint's Gloves
Saint's Boots
Vitality Intelligence Endurance Strength Dexterity Magic Faith Luck
18 36 20 19 17 12 41 11


Right Hand Left Hand Ring Spells
Talisman of God Ring of Devout Prayer God's Wrath
Helmet Armor Gauntlets Leggings
Saint's Robe Saint's Gloves Saint's Boots

Miracles Taught

Miracle Cost
Heal 5000
Regeneration Swollen Demon's Soul
Recovery1 3x Colorless Demon's Soul
Second Chance Hero Demon's Soul
Resurrection Pureblood Demon's Soul
Antidote 3000
Cure Wriggling Demon's Soul
Evacuate 20000
Hidden Soul 3000
Banish Yellow Demon's Soul
Anti-Magic Field Storm Demon's Soul
God's Wrath Dragon Demon's Soul


If one intends to kill Urbain, it's best to first get rid of his disciple as they'll turn hostile as soon as their master is harmed, while he won't react if they're being attacked.

Saint Urbain fights exclusively by casting God's Wrath, which has potential for massive damage, although it can be easily interrupted. When low on health, he'll back away to attempt to cast Recovery.

An easy method to kill him is to cast either Poison Cloud or Death Cloud on him and wait for its health to slowly deplete.


  • As Urbain returns to the Nexus, the Disciple of God will disappear from the game until the next game cycle and his entire stock will be inherited by Saint Urbain.
  • If Urbain is murdered before the Uchigatana Black Phantom is killed, a glitch will trigger that makes the Black Phantom respawn infinitely, turning him into a farming source of Chunks of Darkmoon and Stones of Ephemeral Eyes.
  • Since Mephistopheles only hands out her reward when both Urbain and his discples are dead, the latter can be killed to darken Character Tendency without the risk of missing on the quest item, as Urbain won't become hostile when his disciples are harmed.
  • Killing Urbain will make it impossible to learn or memorize different Miracles for the rest of the playthrough.
  • Urbain may disappear from the cave in 4-2 as part of what seems to be a larger glitch involving Patches. He won't re-appear until the next game cycle.


  • The shrine Urbain is praying to houses a Talisman of God, although you cannot take it. This is how Urbain probably "speaks to God", through the Talisman of God itself. It makes sense since it is supposedly a channel through which God works.
  • The fact that Urbain is found in the pit where Patches lures people with the false promise of treasures suggests that he too succumbed to greed.


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