Saint Urbain
saint urbain

Saint Urbain is a pilgrim of God and a devout believer in Miracles. He puts his faith in his Lord that prayer and worship will rid Boletaria of the Demons. He has many followers, few of which accompany him in the Nexus.

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Miracles Taught


Saint Urbain is a simple fighter. When hostile, he will constantly strafe or back away. If you pursue him, he will cast Rage of God (God's Wrath), which has potential for massive damage. It has a slow cast, however, and can be dodged by 2 or 3 quick rolls backward. When the fight first begins, he will cast God's Wrath up to 5 times in a row if you are close enough. After this, he will simply avoid you for about 15 seconds then use it again. Then he waits 15 seconds and uses it again. You can just close the distance and strike him. His cast will be interrupted, and he'll try to roll away.

He is weak to most damage types, though has shown a slight resistance to Magic. Either way you can kill him however you want.

Easy way to kill anyone in the Nexus:
Stand far away and shoot an arrow just so the target stands up. Run up to the target and roll at and away from their starting position. If you manage to push them far enough away they will begin to walk back to their position. Dual wield your strongest weapon and backstab them while they are walking. You can get about 3 backstabs before they start being agro.

Rinse and repeat.


The shrine Urbain is praying to houses a Talisman of God, although you cannot take it. This is how Urbain probably "speaks to God", through the Talisman of God itself. It makes sense since it is supposedly a channel through which God works.

Possible glitch

Urbain may disappear from the hole in 4-2 as part of what seems to be a larger glitch involving Patches. He won't re-appear until the next game cycle.


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