Boletaria 1-2 Walkthrough

Phalanx Archstone

Boss NPCs Enemies Notable Loot
Tower Knight
- Iron Demon's Soul

Red Dragon Optional
- Small Flame Scale Demon's Soul
Ostrava, of Boletaria
Dregling Merchant (Vendor)
Biorr, of the Twin Fangs
Slave Soldier/Dregling
Boletarian Soldier
Blue Eye Knight
Fat Official
Winged Spear
Compound Short Bow
Wooden Catalyst
Spiked Shield
Tower Shield
Ring of Gash Resistance
Brushwood Leggings (Biorr)
Brushwood Manifer (Biorr)
Brushwood Armor (Biorr)
Brushwood Helmet (Biorr)
Stone of Ephemeral Eyes x1

World Tendency Events

White World

  • No White World events

Black World

Reference for World Tendency

The following reference is used for World Tendency throughout this wiki.

Assuming World Tendency is at the maximum possible Pure White World Tendency (+200). Every body form death in a world is a -60 decrease until the maximum possible Pure Black World Tendency is achieved (-200).

World Tendency Deaths
in Body Form
+200 Pure White 0
+140 White 1
+80 White 2
+20 White 3
0 Neutral
-40 Black 4
-100 Black 5
-160 Black 6
-200 Pure Black 7

Reference for World Tendency Thresholds

The following reference is used for World Tendency thresholds throughout this wiki.

World Tendency
+200 Pure White
>+180 Pure White
>+150 White
>+50 White
0 Neutral
<-50 Black
<-150 Black
<-180 Pure Black
-200 Pure Black


1-2 Phalanx Archstone map - numbered sections below correlate to circled numbers on the map


  1. The Phalanx Archstone serves as the starting point of this zone.
  2. It's dark in here so keep your eyes open as there are six Hoplite located in this room. Drop down this side staircase to say hi to Ostrava again, assuming you didn't let him die in 1-1. He asks for your help with clearing out the tunnel behind him.
  3. Outside, you'll travel along the Lord's Path, a bridge connecting the two main structures of the Palace. See those zones marked with red arrows? That is where the Red Dragon will fly by, breathing fire on you. Check for safe zones before getting ready to run across, and be sure that you are chasing the Dragon right after he passes overhead, instead of waiting for him to finish before moving. Otherwise, it'll make a second pass and burn you before you can make it to the first guard tower. Do not stop to pick up any of the items that you see. Keep in mind that taking off enough equipment so that you will go below 50% equip burden will make you sprint and roll faster.
  4. The first guard tower. Climb to the top, facing the Spear Soldier and Axe Soldier along the way, then the two Crossbow Soldiers, to get the Wooden Catalyst. You can also kill the Red Dragon from up here. You can grab a Winged Spear and Spiked Shield from dead corpses along the flame routes at different points of the Lord's Path, after the Dragon is dead.
  5. Going down the side staircase of the tower leads you inside the pathway. Turn toward your left to rescue Ostrava. (Point 6), being wary of Soldiers along the way, or right to approach the pack of Dogs and second guard tower.
  6. Assuming that you didn't die in the hail of crossbow bolts, you can rescue Ostrava here. He'll hand over some Dark Moon Grasses and begin his patrol. You can also pick up a Ring of Gash Resistance along the way. Turn around and work your way back towards Point 7. Note: Keep in mind that, after saving Ostrava, if you leave this area and return to The Nexus without killing the 1-2 boss, all of the Soldiers on Ostrava's patrol route (from his initial position to the top of the first guard tower) will respawn upon your return. It's possible that Ostrava could be killed by the soldiers, so if you need him alive, help him kill the soldiers again when you return.
  7. As you approach this spot, a pack of Dogs will attack you. If you have a Thief's Ring equipped, they won't notice you right away. Smash the wooden palisade and walk forward slowly, pressing R3 to attempt a lock-on. Once you lock onto one of them, use a spell, or arrow, or one of your free Throwing Knives, to grab that particular dog's attention. Back up, keeping your shield raised, and attack after the dog rebounds off the shield. Repeat until they die. If you don't have that ring, the pack will descend upon you. Rush back to the first guard tower, corralling them in the doorway there. Though, if you're careful about edging towards the dog's you can still lure 1-2 dogs at a time without requiring the Thief's Ring.
  8. The Dregling Merchant has relocated here, now that you have beaten the Phalanx. If you have a Strength-oriented melee character, consider purchasing the Claymore here.
  9. The second guard tower. A bunch of Crossbow Soldiers guard the front entryway, so be wary if you are running from the Dragon up here. If you climb to the top, sprint all the way to avoid the Crossbow Soldier ambush above your head. You get a bow and some arrows up here.
  10. Notice the spot where the Dragon's breath reaches and doesn't reach. The Dregling behind the Palisade is a good marker. Stand there when waiting for the Dragon to pass overhead, then immediately sprint after it once the flames are a few feet in front of you. You might want to prepare some Turpentine on your weapon before running though. There are multiple Crossbow Soldiers and Blue Eye Knights waiting for you at the end of the path. You don't want to be in a prolonged battle with them without anywhere to retreat, though you can use a wagon there for partial cover from their bolts.
  11. This is the group mentioned in point 10. There are two Crossbow Soldiers high up on the wall, shooting down at you, and three more in front of you. There are two Blue Eye Knights behind that second group, one close and another guarding the tunnel ahead of you. Hopefully, you've put some Turpentine on your weapon and swept the Crossbow guys clear in one or two swings. For the Blue Eye Knight, I hope you practiced on the ones in 1-1. Remember to keep moving and remain wary of the two up on the walls shooting down at you.
  12. There is a Crystal Lizard here in this room. If you have a Thief's Ring equipped, and I almost always wear one, you can sneak up on it and dash around the corner to attack it. Otherwise, it is already gone half the time you arrive in this room. Climb up further to get some payback on the two Crossbow Soldiers shooting down at you. Check around for multiple items up here, be sure to smash the wooden palisades as you search, but be wary of the open pitfall.
  13. The Tower Knight demon boss.
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