Stonefang 2-2 Walkthrough
clubbing the bugs

Armor Spider Archstone

Boss NPCs Enemies Notable Loot
- Red Hot Demon's Soul
Filthy Man (vendor)
Patches, the Hyena
Scirvir, the Wanderer
Scale Miners
Fat Officials
Bearbug, BP Bearbugs
Large Bearbug
Giant Bearbug
Flying Bearbug
Rock Worms
Black Phantoms (Great Club, Steel Shield)
Dragon Long Sword +1
Hands of God x2
Great Axe
Talisman of Beasts (BP Scirvir)
Dark Heater Shield +2
Ring of Flame Resistance
Ring of Disease Resistance
Ronin's Ring (Scirvir)
Thief's Ring (Patches)
Stone of Ephemeral Eyes x5
Shard of Sharpstone
Large Sharpstone Shard x3
Chunk of Sharpstone x2
Pure Sharpstone
Shard of Hardstone x5
Large Hardstone Shard x3
Chunk of Hardstone x2
Pure Hardstone
Shard of Clearstone x2
Chunk of Clearstone x4
Shard of Dragonstone x3
Chunk of Dragonstone x7
Pure Dragonstone
Shard of Greystone x4
Chunk of Greystone x1
Pure Greystone (Scirvir)

World Tendency Events

White World

Black World

Reference for World Tendency

The following reference is used for World Tendency throughout this wiki.

Assuming World Tendency is at the maximum possible Pure White World Tendency (+200). Every body form death in a world is a -60 decrease until the maximum possible Pure Black World Tendency is achieved (-200).

World Tendency Deaths
in Body Form
+200 Pure White 0
+140 White 1
+80 White 2
+20 White 3
0 Neutral
-40 Black 4
-100 Black 5
-160 Black 6
-200 Pure Black 7

Reference for World Tendency Thresholds

The following reference is used for World Tendency thresholds throughout this wiki.

World Tendency
+200 Pure White
>+180 Pure White
>+150 White
>+50 White
0 Neutral
<-50 Black
<-150 Black
<-180 Pure Black
-200 Pure Black


2-2 Armor Spider Archstone map - numbered sections below correlate to circled numbers on the map

Video Tutorial: Shortcut Walkthrough

  1. Now things get complicated. This is your starting point for this area. Please read Point 2 carefully in preparation for this level.
  2. The first thing you notice is a Crystal Lizard in front of you. Do not approach him right away. Notice instead the Lizardman with the Pickaxe next to him. Shoot this guy with arrows from far away to pull him towards you. Then you can try hunting the Crystal Lizard. I suggest rolling/sprinting and sweeping to his right, to keep him from proceeding down the right tunnel, which is trapped with Scale Miners and insect husks. But be cautious of the mine cart in the middle of the room with the ball of glowing orange light. This thing is like a proximity explosive. Note its appearance and be ready to see them free-floating later in the level. From this room, Point 3 assumes you went right (for the short path to the boss loaded with fatal pitfalls along the way, but the hangout spot of Scirvir) and Point 4 onward assumes you went left (for the longer, relatively safe path that leads to a ton of treasure).
  3. The first obstacle is reaching Point 3. The tunnel with insect husks is packed with Scale Miners, including some Pickaxe carriers who rally the group to attack you. Ranged attacks or the shield-and-spear combo work well here. Alternatively, the gutsy can wear a Thief's Ring and sprint through the middle. As you drop down, you can grab a Ring of Disease Resistance and some Souls. But be wary of the drops. One false step, or slight clipping issue, and you will die. That narrow beam just holds a Soul, so feel free to ignore it if you aren't that confident. You really don't even need the Disease ring either, so drop along the right side to reach the Point safely. There are 2 Crystal Lizards here. But they aren't the main attraction. With White Tendency, Scirvir the Wanderer will hang around here. Talk to him while having equipped the Dragon Bone Smasher and he will give you a Pure Greystone. With Black Tendency, Black Phantom Scirvir will hang around here, and kill you! (Please see Scirvir's wiki for various strategies to fight him.) For beating such a tough enemy you get the awesome Talisman of the Beast. From here drop down further towards the bottom of the pit to proceed to the boss area. There is a Crystal Lizard down here on a wooden walkway near the bottom. Skip to Point 15.
  4. Okay, so you want to take the long road and pick up a lot of treasure, lets go! There are three mine carts with a proximity explosive (glowing yellow ball). Two will roll towards Point 2, one at a time, eventually stopping at the junction. It's safest to trigger these first. The third one will only start approaching when you're half-way into the tunnel. Stay to either side of the tracks and sprint past it.
  5. Without letting you rest, there is an Official hiding on the right side of this room. You'll need to deal with him first and foremost. By now you should be fairly experienced with these guys. Use ranged attacks, or quickly circle them with some form of fire defense enabled and attack between their attacks (Or simply use a spear & skewer him as you remain on the opposite side of the wooden post immediately between you two). From here the map points get somewhat screwy. Please bear with me.
  6. This top area is part of a large rift that serves as a major portion of this level. If you walk forward to grab the Ore in front of you, a Rock Worm pops out of the ground and attacks you. Back away and use lock-on to target his mouth and deliver a critical attack to finish him off. Soul Arrow, regular arrows, or overhead swings from large swords all work this way. There is another Crystal Lizard to your left up here. Be careful about hunting it, to keep it or yourself from falling off the walkway. While there is some Ore directly beneath here that you can only get to by falling, the map Points assume you get them later. If you do drop down, be wary of your Item Weight when you reach the ramp below. There is a Great Axe here that weighs 10.0 units! If you drop it due to high inventory weight and leave, it is gone forever.
  7. The map assumes that you took the elevator down after exploring the top deck of the rift. This area is important for several reasons. The first time you arrive, you'll note the 2(!) Black Phantom barbarians using Great Clubs and Steel Shields. Use the tunnel behind you to hide from them. Then try to draw one out and fight him. Together they can break your guard easily and finish you, but one on one they aren't too bad. Besides some Stones of Ephemeral Eyes, they collectively drop 3 Chunks of Dragonstone and 3 Chunks of Clearstone.

    Note that this area leads to the Crystal Lizard Nest mentioned by the Filthy Man. If you just charge in, you'll lose a bunch of Ore. But if you wait and come back with the God's Wrath Miracle… Just be sure to clear your inventory first, or you'll lose the Ore anyway. You can also pick up a Pure Hardstone and Pure Sharpstone while you are here. Though really the main prize is the hard-to-get Chunks, which you'll need in significant number to upgrade most of your weapons.

    Alternate Strategy for the 2 Black Phantoms: Run back towards the elevator while the Phantoms chase you. Without waiting for them, raise the elevator. They will run headlong into the pit and die. Note that you won't be able to collect their drops this way. Further, if the Phantoms get aboard the elevator, they will continue attacking while the elevator is being raised. Then, once you reach the top, the Phantoms will back away, never to attack or retaliate.
  8. This spot is a fatal Pitfall. Avoid it and take the side tunnel instead.
  9. A free-floating proximity explosive waits around the blind corner of this tunnel. Peek around the corner to spot it, then sprint through. There will also be a Pickaxe-wielding Lizardman that will ambush you further down. Pick up the Splinters and L. Splinters of Hardstone from the opposite side of the Pitfall before proceeding.

    As you exit the tunnel into the cavernous area, look up. Near the top is the aforementioned Great Axe. Looking left rom the mouth of the tunnel, you will see a Large Bearbug hanging over a platform and an NPC waving at you. The NPC is Patches, the Hyena and he will offer to let you take the treasure underneath the Bearbug. You have two choices:

    a. Take Patches' suggestion and take the "treasure" (it's a Club). If you do, the hanging Bearbug will leap down, nearly blocking your path. Patches will taunt you and walk away. There is room just behind the Bearbug to walk out, but if you decide to kill the creature, immediately run back to the end of the platform once its HP reaches zero because it will explode and likely kill you. Patches will be standing on the platform where the Bearbug was originally. Talk to him to receive a Ring of Flame Resistance.

    b. Ignore Patches. Walk up the ramp and kill the Bearbug. Once the dust is settled, collect the Ring of Flame Resistance lying beside it.
  10. Three Rock Worms pop out of the ground and this junction to attack you. Be ready to strike them down.
  11. The Filthy Man is here off the left. If you walk down the pathway here along the rift, flying Bearbugs will rise up from the rift and attack you. Luckily these guys are absolute pushovers. Slash or blast or shoot away until they die. If possible, kill them over solid ground to claim any Dragonstones that they drop.
  12. Fog entrance to the tunnel system, turn right at the first junction for a Soul.
  13. There is a big Bearbug here in the tunnel. Draw him forward then backtrack and use the side tunnel to bypass him. You can also strike him from behind with impunity if you'd like. Just remember to walk away before he explodes when killed.
  14. There is a proximity explosive here. If you drop down there is a possibility that you'll be caught in the blast before you can land and run away. Best to avoid this spot and take the short detour. But while here, look at the map carefully and explore all of the side tunnels. To your left are some Augites of Guidance. To your right is the small lava rift, which is key to getting the items here. Be sure to pull the Bearbug out of the tunnel to the right, so you don't spook the Crystal Lizard inside. Once out in the rift, kill the Bearbugs for lots of Souls, grabbing the Soul from the middle tunnel, then the Dragon Longsword +1 from the far tunnel. The items in the lava are Dragonstones, including a Pure stone and 4 Chunks. But you'll need some high Fire Damage resistance to get them safely (If you are overburden when you try to pick up one of the Dragonstones in the lava and you die, you will not be able to get the stone!). When you are finished here, go to Point 15.
  15. This is where the long path and the short path meet, i.e. Point 3 leads you here as well. Drop down to proceed to the boss area. Be on the lookout for the Crystal Lizard before you drop as well. Also, once you drop, several Rock Worms will jump out of the ground to attack you. There are also several ladders here that let you climb back up, if you want or need to trek back to the Archstone to return to the Nexus.
  16. This fog gate leads to the boss. Before that, look around for the Full Moon Grasses and Stone of Ephemeral Eyes. Also, take the alternate side of the tunnel to get a pair of Hands of God. It is guarded by a trio of Spitting Worms that use a 360 degree splash attack.
  17. The Flamelurker boss battle. See the Flamelurker link for more information.
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