Stonefang 2-3 Walkthrough

Flamelurker Archstone

Boss NPCs Enemies Notable Loot
Dragon God
- Dragon Demon's Soul
None None Dragon Bone Smasher
Master's Ring
Stone of Ephemeral Eyes
Pure Dragonstone

World Tendency Events

White World

  • Above +180 -> The debris on the left path will be cleared, beyond which you will find a unique Extra Large Sword, the Dragon Bone Smasher.

Note: If you kill the Dragon God with to get above +180 World Tendency, you will have to go back to the Nexus, and then return to claim the sword.

Black World

Reference for World Tendency

The following reference is used for World Tendency throughout this wiki.

Assuming World Tendency is at the maximum possible Pure White World Tendency (+200). Every body form death in a world is a -60 decrease until the maximum possible Pure Black World Tendency is achieved (-200).

World Tendency Deaths
in Body Form
+200 Pure White 0
+140 White 1
+80 White 2
+20 White 3
0 Neutral
-40 Black 4
-100 Black 5
-160 Black 6
-200 Pure Black 7

Reference for World Tendency Thresholds

The following reference is used for World Tendency thresholds throughout this wiki.

World Tendency
+200 Pure White
>+180 Pure White
>+150 White
>+50 White
0 Neutral
<-50 Black
<-150 Black
<-180 Pure Black
-200 Pure Black
  • No Black World events


2-3 Flamelurker Archstone map - numbered sections below correlate to circled numbers on the map

  1. A surprisingly easy fight, especially after Flamelurker. The fight will start almost immediately upon entering the Fog Gate at the bottom of a staircase leading from Flamelurker's lair.
  2. Be aware that there are two Crystal Lizards in this section. There is one at the end of the entrance hall on the left and the other is up by the second ballista.
  3. See the Dragon God link for more information.
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