Tower 3-3 Walkthrough

Maneater Archstone

Boss NPCs Enemies
Old Monk
- Yellow Demon's Soul
None Mind Flayer
Man Centipede

World Tendency Events

White World

  • No White World events

Black World

  • No Black World events


3-3 Maneater Archstone map - numbered sections below correlate to circled numbers on the map

  1. The Maneater Archstone and your starting point for this level. If you've been through Stonefang then know this is a relatively short level as well, basically just consisting of the boss. In any case, grab the valuable Souls in front of you and begin your climb.
  2. Plenty of Man Centipedes dwell on the stairs here. However, the real threats are the two Black Phantom Mind Flayers that patrol the stairs. Unlike 3-2, the walls obscure any vision of them, so tread very carefully as you climb and be wary of footsteps. They also have considerably more HP than before, so be wary of that too. Use the same hit and run tactics as you did in 3-2 and you should be fine. To avoid death by soul arrow, you can run backwards since the staircase is curved and it won't hit you. Wait for them to turn around and go stab them in the back and rinse and repeat.

    Alternate Strategy: Equip a bow and the Graverobber's Ring. Get to where you can just auto-target them with R3. Keep shooting your bow until they are about to cast soul arrow. Roll immediately to dodge the spell. Rinse and repeat.

    Alternate Strategy: Cast Anti-Magic Field and hack and slash until they die. You may also use Dark Silver Shield as a back up to make sure you get close enough to affect them.
  3. The final fog door, leading to the boss Old Monk. If you've witnessed a cutscene by this point and are playing online then you will be most likely facing another player (given that they didn't leave) Some players will let you kill them, however most will fight to the death as it is very satisfying to kill another player. A Crystal Lizard sits at the top of the stairs, just behind the second Mind Flayer.
  4. The Old Monk demon boss. See the Old Monk page for more information.
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