Valley 5-2 Walkthrough

Leechmonger Archstone

Boss NPCs Enemies Notable Loot
Dirty Colossus
- Eroded Demon's Soul
Filthy Woman (vendor)
Selen Vinland
Depraved Ones
Meat Cleaver Black Phantom
Giant Depraved Ones
Giant Mosquitoes
Phosphorescent Slugs
Poison Jelly
Broken Sword
Large Sword of Moonlight
Blind (BP Selen Vinland)
Mirdan Hammer
War Scythe
Regenerator's Ring
Cat's Ring
Ring of Devout Prayer (Selen Vinland)
Thief's Ring
Dull Gold Helmet
Dull Gold Armor
Dull Gold Manifer
Dull Gold Leggings
Shaman's Clothes
Shaman's Armband
Shaman's Tabi Socks
Stone of Ephemeral Eyes x6
Shard of Faintstone x3
Chunk of Faintstone x4
Shard of Suckerstone x1
Chunk of Suckerstone x2
Pure Suckerstone x1

World Tendency Events

White World

Black World

Reference for World Tendency

The following reference is used for World Tendency throughout this wiki.

Assuming World Tendency is at the maximum possible Pure White World Tendency (+200). Every body form death in a world is a -60 decrease until the maximum possible Pure Black World Tendency is achieved (-200).

World Tendency Deaths
in Body Form
+200 Pure White 0
+140 White 1
+80 White 2
+20 White 3
0 Neutral
-40 Black 4
-100 Black 5
-160 Black 6
-200 Pure Black 7

Reference for World Tendency Thresholds

The following reference is used for World Tendency thresholds throughout this wiki.

World Tendency
+200 Pure White
>+180 Pure White
>+150 White
>+50 White
0 Neutral
<-50 Black
<-150 Black
<-180 Pure Black
-200 Pure Black


5-2 Leechmonger Archstone map - numbered sections below correlate to circled numbers on the map

  1. Your starting point. Most of this level consists of a poison swamp, so bring along equipment that boosts poison resistance and HP regeneration. Royal Lotuses are also essential when you do get poisoned, as all Healing effects will be halved while you're poisoned. Another tip is to island hop, you only get poisoned when standing in the putrid liquid. So if you see any islands, head for them and use them as healing stations. Regular movement is reduced to a walk, sprints are reduced to a normal run and you cannot roll while in the swamp. All enemies in the level are weak to Fire-based attacks and are unaffected by the movement penalties of the swamp.
  2. The plank here can be knocked down from the opposite side of the gap for a much appreciated shortcut past most of this level.
  3. This is the Poison Swamp. As detailed in Point 1, equip some HP regeneration items to sustain the Poison damage. Also, if you go right along the wall you will find a Mirdan Hammer and a Regenerator's Ring.
  4. There is a large group of Poison Jellies around here. Killing them is recommended, as they do not respawn and will drop Lotus items.
  5. A Meat Cleaver Black Phantom patrols these islands. Capable of rolling in the Swamp.Can be seen on approach in silhouette and by vapour caused by footsteps. Cat's Ring and Pure Suckerstone on islands.
  6. Giant Depraved One. Lure the 3 regular Depraved Ones out with ranged attacks, then rush the island and fight the Giant by outflanking his sides. Alternatively, equip a Thief's Ring and sneak behind them all, by hugging either wall beside the island.
  7. You're out of the Swamp for now, so use a Royal Lotus to heal up any poison. Also, be ready for the ambush by the Giant Mosquitoes as you pass this point. If you have Fire Spray, their weakness to fire will let you kill each quickly for 2-4 MP each. Many players choose to jump off the elevated walkway at the start, and rather walk underneath it, since falling off it could be a bigger risk than another minute in the swamp.
  8. The alcove in the wall to the left of here has 5 Depraved Ones in it, who wish to ambush you. If you walk by with the Thief's Ring equipped they likely won't notice you. Otherwise be prepared. As you drop back down to ground level, feel free to explore the marsh to the left of this position for another Thief's Ring and a Dark Moon Grass (full HP and heals status ailments).
  9. Before you get to this point you might notice all of the slugs hanging out to your left. Note this spot, as the Large Sword of Moonlight will appear here once you knock down their nest. There is a Chunk of Suckerstone along the far wall if you want it now, but you might want to knock down the slugs on one of the side walls and kill them now so you have an escape path. That done, this Point has two Giant Depraved Ones, and a Shaman. Lure them out one by one with arrows and fight them on the small bit of open ground here. Or use the Thief's Ring to run away and hit them in the back or use a bow and lots of patience. And don't forget to keep your eye out for Giant Mosquitoes! It's also possible to keep to the right wall of the outside of the village and slowly creepy up to the fog gate, only grabbing the attention of the Shaman. All while wearing the Thief's Ring of course.
  10. This lone leech is holding the Dull Gold Armor, the same as Selen's, for female characters. Make sure you have some inventory weight available before killing it.
  11. This island is guarded by 4(!) Giant Depraved Ones and contains a mere 3 Stone of Ephemeral Eyes. Ignore it for now, as you can snipe them later at Point 17.
  12. You can climb the wooden walkway from here towards the Slug Nest. Note the purple spot to the right, this is where the Primeval Demon appears at Pure Black Tendency. As you climb, you will encounter multiple slugs who will attempt to knock you off the walkway.
  13. Attack the Slug Nest here several times until the whole thing falls to the ground below. It is safer to melee attack the nest from the left hand side (as you approach it ) as there is a barrier to impede your fall. As you follow the path to drop back down safely, grab the Soul in front of you, and the one behind you when you make the first small drop.
  14. The Filthy Woman merchant appears just inside the shanty town. She now sells Mirdan Armor (30,000 souls for the whole set). She also sells a couple of Dark Moon Grass for 10,000 each! Also, there is a lot of twists and turns to this area, many concealing Depraved Ones of various types. You can pick up 4 Dark Moon Grasses under the central raised structure. Explore this whole area very thoroughly.
  15. This small pathway will lead you to the shortcut at Point 18, letting you skip the Poison Swamp completely. You will also find a Crystal Lizard along the way, and be able to snipe those 4 Giant Depraved Ones at Point 11.
  16. The Shaman below you drops the Shaman's Clothes set. Be sure to have inventory weight available before killing him.
  17. This is the sniper spot for taking down those 4 Giant Depraved Ones at Point 11.
  18. There is a Crystal Lizard here that drops Chunks and Pure Faintstone. Also, knock down the plank to make that much appreciated shortcut.
  19. This fog gate leads to the boss.
  20. The Dirty Colossus boss fight. See the Dirty Colossus link for more information.

Poison Resistance Tips

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