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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Character Builds Revamp

I've went ahead and renovated the Character Builds page. It's using a similar system as the Soul Farming page. I've moved most of the old builds into the new format, but if you don't see your favorite build, feel free to write it up. Again, let me know what you think in the Feedback/Suggestion forum!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Soul Farming Experiment

We're trying out an experiment with the Soul Farming page!

I'm a little tired, so I'll keep things brief:

  • Each method is now its own separate page, allowing it to be rated and commented on.
  • The main Soul Farming page now lists all available methods, but automatically orders them by rating
  • In order to post new Soul Farming methods, please see the Guidelines

The purpose of this experiment was to organise the existing page, allowed feedback on available methods and make it easier for people to post new (keyword: NEW) methods via a data form. Leave any feedback on this experiment in the Feedback/Suggestion forum. If all goes well, we'll implement it to pages that needs this sort of organisation.

By the way, while all the existing methods were ported over to the new format, I was too lazy/tired to dig through the history to find out the original posters of the methods (some that I did find were by some swank fellow named Anonymous). If you want to claim credit for your work, please go to the appropriate page and Edit the page. You'll be presented with the same data form as you would for posting a new method. Leave your Wikidot username in the Posted by field.

Ojimaru out.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Good grief! I noticed that the header on the PSN ID s page was wrong, so I went to fix it. What a mess that table was. How anyone was able to update it is beyond me. For that reason I created a new system that will allow everyone to have a page created with their PSN ID and that page will provide them a form to fill out with the necessary information. The table on the PSN ID s page will automatically update as users update their pages. You should not only register with Wikidot, but you should join the site as well. Otherwise you are not going to be able to update your pages after you create them.

I am actually going to try and play today (it has been weeks, I'm not sure I remember how anymore) before tomorrow when I go on call for a week.

Asian Server Event

Asian servers: Best Edition Release Celebration - White Valentine
From March 12 to March 15, World Tendency of all world in Asian servers will be set to Pure White. Check out the details of the event in the Events page.

Saturday, March 6, 2010 11:30PM EST

Well, you should have noticed that there is now a new layout for the site. I tested it on Firefox (which you should really be using here), IE8, and IE6. IE6 had some problems with the new tables we are putting in, but not the site layout as far as I can tell. However, I am not going to help with IE6 issues, because it is a browser that just needs to die. Upgrade it. Seriously.

Firefox and IE 8 were fine. I also did my absolute best to get it to work with 1024x768 displays. I won't go any lower than that, the original layout was crap on 1024x768, so this is an improvement for those users anyway.

Thursday, March 4, 2010 3:00PM EST

  1. Today I upgraded the site to a pro lite account. This means that you should no longer see the Wikidot toolbar way up at the top of the page, nor the bottom way down at the bottom. In addition we now have 15 Gigabytes of storage. So, good news on that front.
  2. Ojimaru has been promoted to a Site Administrator. From now on I will refer to him as Oji, because I can never remember if it is spelled Ojimuru or Ojimaru. Oji has provided a great deal to the site over the last few weeks and I have not seen a single thing he has done that I thought was poorly thought out. Since it would be completely remiss of me to work so hard to obtain a site because the master admin vanished and there was no other site admin, and Oji has done such an outstanding job I promoted him. He'll make a great site admin and always feel free to ask either of us (or any of the moderators) any questions you have.
  3. A member contacted me that they have a capture card and that they will begin grabbing pictures we do not have so that we can fill in the gaps. I would tell you the name, but since I did not ask them if that was OK, I will not do so unless they approve. Either way it will make a great contribution
  4. I was also asked by a member if they should update the site because they really did not understand how to do it and they were afraid they would mess something up and get in trouble. Please do not be afraid of that. If you save a page and it is "wrong" then you can always revert the page by going to "options" at the bottom of the page, and then "history". This will show you all the revisions. Just click on the "R" in the box that is below your changes. Also there is a sandbox that everyone is encouraged to play around and test new ideas out. This will provide you more freedom as it removes the "I don't want to mess it up" worries. You can also find assistance with how to edit a wiki here or by checking the Wikidot community site. Of course you can always ask the site admins or moderators for help as well.
  5. I am putting up the coming soon page in just a little bit. If you don't see it, then that means you are too fast for me. NOTE: OK, real life attacked me so this will be done tomorrow. Sorry … being grown up sucks some times. :)

Please remember if there is any comments, complaints, or suggestions then please feel free to send them to us. That is what we are here for.


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