White Arrow

In Game Description

A gnarled wood arrow. This legendary weapon is used with the white bow. Its attack power is extremely high.

Ranged attacks require that both a bow and arrows be equipped.

General Information

name damage weight location
White Arrow 115/0/0 0.1 Nexus Patches - 500 souls (30 max)
4-1 Give Soul Remains to crow - 10 arrows
4-1 Give Augite of Guidance to crow - 10 arrows
4-1 Give Shard of Moonlightstone to crow - 20 arrows
4-1 Give Chunk of Moonlightstone to crow - 40 arrows
4-2 Treasure (18 arrows) - with the White Bow

Additional constraints

  • A single instance of an item can be traded with the crow per playthrough.
  • Three Arch Demons must be destroyed before Patches offers White Arrows for sale.


  • The hawks circling Sparkly's nest can drop five or ten White Arrows when killed. However, this can be very difficult to achieve.
  • It appears that a maximum of 128 White Arrows can be reliably collected in a single playthrough.



The Damage stat dictates how much damage the weapon does. The Damage stats for a weapon are X / Y / Z:

  • X is Physical Damage
  • Y is Magical Damage
  • Z is Fire Damage

All Arrows and Bolts deal Piercing damage.

Weight: The Weight of the weapon. Note that ammunition weight will not add to Equip Weight, only Item Burden is affected.
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